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“Give him money and you will never see “PG” again”. Wow this is how people describe me. To find me visit India’s badass beautiful places, that gives you adrenaline  dying adventure, nirvana, ecstacy. I come from very a humble middle background and have always been fond of exploring, discovering and clicking, capturing. The moto of my life is to get out of breath every single second.

The only thing I am waiting for my post-grad in MBA to get over. Grabbing that one last element would let me out of handcuffs and set me free. I would be gyrating like a roaring eagle in the sky. Travelling would be the way I will choreograph my entire mess into a life.

I want my heart to pump hard every step of the way, I want to take deep breaths and smell the Himalayan breeze, I want to sleep on the clouds.

If you ever in life want something like that.



driving a snow vehicle at 2500 m height


So what’s the Buzz about Roadaviator

Its “India unplugged feat PG . I am the director and I will show you a blog movie of India through my crazy eyes. I will take you to a new way of flirting with India. With roadaviator. I would take your blood pressure beyond the normal zone. Keep for yourself some extra oxygen. As a bad ass adventurer, a serious  amateur photographer and a vagabond by nature I will travel India ambiguously without much of  500s and 1000s.

In the arena of PG world a lill taste of history, food, culture, heritage, local language would captivate your heart.


So my stomach demands more……..

Stomach mange more….

Tasty & Delicious Mughlai Chicken (top) and Pepper Chicken (bottom)
Tasty & Delicious Mughlai Chicken (top) and Pepper Chicken (bottom)

What a delicious cuisine it was, Mughlai chicken one of my favorite and newbie for Pepper chicken. Someday, its a Pizza night. Full on party.

Large & Luxurious Pizza after party
Large & Luxurious Pizza after party
Lovely, delicious home food

Bring me any food and my stomach will have it all.

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