best bike day trips from Jaisalmer

The best bike day trips from Jaisalmer

Hey Rajasthanis, are you spending your time sitting indoors? Don’t you want a break from your hustle-bustle life and enjoy some time with yourself/loved ones? Get yourself out of that office couch, put your hands out of the internet and travel. Additionally, if you are settled in Jaisalmer and are planning a nice bike tour, then you are at right place. I’ve gathered a plethora of day trips and bike trips to cram your weekends with, at Jaisalmer.

In my last few posts, I’ve shared few awesome spots one must see in Jaisalmer. I hope people of Jaisalmer also feel proud of those places. Here I come up with more opportunities to explore around Jaisalmer. These are some unique spots which you can do on bike trips and on weekends. So, get your bike fix and stretch your reach beyond the Jaisalmer.

The Best bike day trips from Jaisalmer:

1- The royal Bada Baag Chattris (Cenotaphs):

History seekers, get yourself ready with pen and papers and study the Cenotaphs of Bada Baag. Bada Baag can the destination where you can build a library of thoughts and spend quality time under the Cenotaphs. These historical Cenotaphs are located at about 6 km in the north direction to the Jaisalmer. Bada Baag is also known as the Big garden of Chattris. The beautiful structures are dated back to 16th century and were constructed by Maharawal Jait Singh, Bhatti dynasty. Therefore, this place is highly significant and falls under the category of “very first spots to visit near Jaisalmer“.

best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
Bada Baad Chattris (Cenotaphs).
best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
The magnificent interior design of Cenotaphs
best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
The idol of goddess inside the Cenotaphs

2- Amar Sagar Jain temple:

Jaisalmer is best known for its religious Jain temples. As earlier, we have seen a group of Jain temple inside the golden fort. Similarly, There is another famous religious site dedicated to Lord Parshwanath at a distance of 6 km from Jaisalmer in the south of Lodurva – Amar Sagar Jain temple. This traditional temple is also known as Adeshwarnath Jain temple.  Amar Sagar Jain temple was built by Patwa Himmat Ram in 1928.

best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
The serene Amar Sagar Jain temple

Moreover, the Jain temple is architecture with golden sandstone and every bit of it is curved in peaceful patterns. This makes the spot serene and worth including in our bike trip.

best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
Beautiful idols of Lord Parshwanath.

One more thing, a few years back, Amar Sagar once has an artificial lake, but now it is dried. Bad luck for me…

3- Kuldhara Village:

Ohho, trip to Kuldhara village, what an eerie trail it was for me. Kuldhara is another ghost town of Rajasthan (first is Bangarh) which can bring a thrill to your trip. Kuldhara is considered as a rare less-travelled destination of Jaisalmer. This village is about 15 km from the Jaisalmer city on the Sam desert road. if you are planning to visit Sam desert, then you must not miss this site.

Haunted village Kuldhara
The whole street of abandoned broken houses

What makes this village worth exploring is its myth associated with the village. According to the myth Paliwal Brahmins used to live there. But due to some reason, they cursed the village and hence this architecturally beautiful village was haunted. Find out the reason why Paliwal Brahmins cursed the village through the link: My experience at Kuldhara Village. And off-course, you are not allowed to stay there after dusk.

Haunted village Kuldhara
The only temple present in the Kuldhara
Haunted village Kuldhara
The only building which was perfect there

4- Khaba Fort:

Driving another few kilometres from the Kuldhara village, there lies another mysterious fort called Khaba Fort. The Khaba Fort is yet another an impressive masterpiece of Paliwal Brahmins. But since the Brahmins left the village, they also deserted this fort completely over the night. And similar to the Kuldhara village, this fort is also cursed by the Brahmins. So, this fort has a lot to show you and so you can wander there and unearth the mystery behind the legend associated. That’s why the Khaba fort is also known as “Forgotten Fort of Jaisalmer.”

When you wander around in the Khaba Fort, you can see a museum showing the remains of the village and ancient artefacts. This crumbling fort can give you a sheer glimpse of how the Paliwal Brahmins might have lived there. And how the fort is now completely abandoned. However, in this whole eerie trail of Khaba fort, you will witness hundreds of peacocks living around the fort. Hence, a lovely bike to Khaba Fort can make your weekend special.

Best bike day trip from Jaisalmer
Pic Credit: Khaba Fort, Jaisalmer

Kuldhara and Khaba Fort can certainly be your pick of the day from this list of “The best bike day trips from Jaisalmer“.

5- Sam sand dunes:

A trip to Sam sand dunes is the first reason to visit the dry city Jaisalmer. Camel or jeep safari is the very first option to do in Sam sand dunes. There are a few other options are also available to do in the dunes like parasailing, quad biking and attending the cultural events during the night. Furthermore, these sand dunes are the first option for photographers as well to capture the sunset/sunrise and star trails at night.

The Sam sand dunes are 40 km from the Jaisalmer and your go there either by bike/car or can take local bus transport as well. And it is quite easy to find a tour operator to book a night camp in the sand dunes. However, if you want to go deep into the sand dunes and spend 2-3 days in the desert, then get yourself a caravan to see the natural deserts. Find out my experience at the Sam sand dunes through “A night at Sam sand dunes“.

camping with golden tower resort
Sky is incomplete without these clouds and beautiful shades
camping with golden tower resort
First time…Stars photography over the tents
Camping with golden tower resort
People are enjoying the camel safari

6- Desert National Park:

One of the most thrilling parts of your Jaisalmer trip can be this Desert National Park. The national park is at about 50 km from Jaisalmer and is considered to be one of the largest national parks in India. The most noteworthy thing is that the national park is the only national park established in the desert. You can easily witness the flora and fauna that are known to be found in the desert only. Furthermore, many endangered species are likely to be found in the national park.

Therefore, the national park balances the ecosystem of the dry Thar desert. What’s more exciting about the national park is that you can experience a lot of migratory birds between November and February. In these migratory birds, the main attraction includes the world’s heaviest flying bird. Seriously speaking, this place is a paradise for the nature lover and for the wildlife enthusiast. Hence, consider visiting the national park in those months and spend a complete day experience the wildlife.

Best bike day trip from Jaisalmer
The Great Indian Bastard found in Desert National Park

7- Khuri desert:

Khuri desert lies on the outskirts of Jaisalmer city, at about 50 km in the south-west direction. It is quite similar to the Sam sand dunes and likewise known for its camel rides and camping under the stars. However, unlike the Sam sand dunes, Khuri desert is not too famous and commercialized. That’s why you will experience a lesser footfall and hence can enjoy the trip. Also, being a less-travelled destination, Khuri desert has a decent no. of sand dunes (unlike commercial Sam sand dunes).

Besides this, the Khuri desert mostly has small mud-huts for its visitors to stay. Khuri, particularly, doesn’t really have much to do for you and so you have to spend your daytime idling in the Khuri village. But still what you can do is enjoy the Rajasthani meals, spot some wildlife (desert cats, antelope) and birds (the great Indian Bustard and cranes) and find the locations to set up your camera to shoot the star trails.

And in the end, witness a memorable sunset/sunrise and enjoy the camel ride. You will also come across different night activities like bonfires and Rajasthani cultural events (similar to the Sam sand dunes).

Best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
Khuri Sand dunes – Pic was taken from tourism of India

8- Akal Wood Fossil Park:

Many people tend to skip Akal wood fossil park when visiting Jaisalmer, and remain focusing on seeing “sand dunes” and “forts/havelis“. But if you tend to move a little out of the Jaisalmer and want to spend some time in Jurassic era, then Akal wood fossil park is the best site for your weekend. Akal wood fossil park is about 18-20 km from Jaisalmer, near the Jaisalmer-Barmer border. The park showcases the fossils of various Jurassic species like pterosaurs, petrophyllum, equisetitis.

The fossils and footprints of pterosaurs were found in this region while doing deep excavation processes. However eventually, in the excavation, they found out tree trunks and seashells which represents the pre-historic age. That’s why this park is a museum to all those fossils and hence has the potential to take you beyond the history of mankind. And in 1972, the geological department of India has declared the site as a National Geological Monument in 1972.

Best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
Akal Wood Fossil Park

9- Wind Mill Park

Wind-mill park or Jaisalmer wind farm; is the largest wind farm operating in India. Particularly, you cannot visit the park but can see these along the roadside to Bada Baag Cenotaphs. It has a capacity of generating 1064 MW for about 5000 families living in 70 villages in Jaisalmer district. I was feeling pretty awesome to know that. The local guides at the Bada Baag said to me that, if you have to visit the windmills, then you have to take permission prior to the visit.

I am still confused about how one can visit this park. The windmills are stretched over a large area of Jaisalmer district. So how can see visit it? Anyway, riding a bike and sightseeing the windmills along the roadside, was a wonderful experience for me.

best bike day trips from Jaisalmer
The windmills along the roadside to Bada Baag
So these are the “9 best bike day trips from Jaisalmer” which will make your weekend memorable.

It doesn’t matter, whether you live in Jaisalmer or not. A group of wonderful getaways are always there for you every weekend. So get off that lazy couch, grab your bike/car, gather some melodies and trip your next weekend to these exotic “best bike day trips from Jaisalmer“. I’ll meet you again there, soon, to bring more such rare junctions…and give you adrenaline dying adventures. Roadaviator is on his way… Till then show some love and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Tweet me on Twitter.

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