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Another haunted, spooky and paranormal post is up. Also, here is another site of Rajasthan which speaks a lot about being haunted, which is known for its ghostly stories and for its paranormal activities. But this time, the site is in the desert of Rajasthan. It is the Kuldhara, a village near Jaisalmer where you can experience such things. But, first of all, I want to ask you few questions. What makes a site haunted? Is it the myth or is it the ghost or is it the story connected with its past? Maybe, we cannot guess! We can only make a guess about it. Even I don’t know, whether the place is really haunted or not.

Our estimates are inspired a lot by what is being said and to what we see there (while visiting). Believe it or not, but there must have happened something or somebody felt something unusual. That’s why the place is considered to be haunted and no one is allowed to stay in the night. Anyway, I am dedicating this post to an eerie trail of Kuldhara and will show you some glimpse of its abandoned-haunted land. So come along with me to an eerie trail of Kuldhara…

Haunted village Kuldhara:

Kuldhara is a haunted-cursed village located at a distance of 20 km from Jaisalmer on the road to Sam desert. This village stands quite similar to what I saw earlier – the creepiest Bhangarh Fort. Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted fort in India, even the government and the scientists have declared the fort to be the most haunted fort in India. The only difference between the Kuldhara and the Bhangarh is that the whole village is haunted. And like the Bhangarh fort, the Kuldhara also has a fascinating legend connecting with it.

After knowing all these things, I was filled with a kind of anticipation to roam in that village. So, I just turned my bike from Bada Baag, picked up the Sam desert road and went straight to the Kuldhara. And, here is what I experienced…

As the title suggests (haunted village Kuldhara), the ride to Kuldhara also seems to be packed with a sort of loneliness and desolation which I probably can’t illustrate. In this ride, the human existence was next to none and silence can easily be felt except few tourist-vehicle noises. Seriously very fewer people travel to this place. My mind started calculating this silence and the desolation. But I had prepared my mind, I cannot let this chance to go.

Haunted village Kuldhara
View of haunted village Kuldhara

Finally, I arrived at the entrance gate of the village. There were few security guards standing at the gate selling the entrance tickets and noting down the vehicle number. I felt amazed to see this stuff. Never mind, I was very close to experiencing this spooky village. I parked my bike, took out my camera and went into the village.

Here is a bit of history and a legend associated with the Kuldhara. Ok, let’s see it…

The history associated with the cursed village:

The history of Kuldhara is dated way back to 200 years. The village was onc­e flourished but now abandoned. The reason behind the haunted village is a curse given by the Paliwal Brahmins.

The village was once the home to the Paliwal Brahmins. At that time, Salim Singh was the Diwan of Jaisalmer who is known for his unscrupulous way of tax collection. One day Salim Singh saw the beautiful daughter of the head of Kuldhara and fall in love with her. But the girl was not at all interested in Salim. Subsequently, Salim told everyone to give her to him otherwise he will impose a heavy tax on them. In this fear, one night all the villagers decided to vacant the village in that night itself.

However, in this whole scenario, nobody saw where those 1000s of villagers were gone within a night. Since then the village is known to be haunted and nobody is able to settle there. Moreover, nobody is aware where the Paliwals resettled themselves. Also, it is said that the Paliwals cursed the village with the saying, “No one would be able to settle down in Kuldhara ever”.

Haunted village Kuldhara
Landscape of historic haunted village Kuldhara

Alright, this is the storyline of Kuldhara village as told by the guards standing near the temple.

Today, when we look at Kuldhara, we see broken creepy houses, abandoned streets, deserted land, temples and such things. We are not allowed to stay there in the night as the place is too risky. It seems as if the curse has actually happened and ruined the village. Here are some photographs of the ruined village.

Haunted village Kuldhara
The whole street of abandoned broken houses
Haunted village Kuldhara
Roam around the streets of empty Kuldhara
Haunted village Kuldhara
The only temple present in the Kuldhara
Haunted village Kuldhara
The silence and loneliness can easily be felt here

Ok, so this was the whole scenario out there. However, I didn’t feel anything paranormal there.

The desolated look wore by the village will definitely give you the feel of curse and torment. I believe that we cannot explain these unusual feelings. We only hear about them and only a few of us might have actually experienced it. Actually, we only hear about a place being haunted. Also, we cannot put our lives in danger to stay there at night. I really get scared with that thought. However, I am still confused; do the security guards really stay there at night not. Even I forgot to ask them about it.

Haunted village Kuldhara
The only building which was perfect there
Haunted village Kuldhara
Step carefully, you may fall down
Haunted village Kuldhara
The long eerie trail of Kuldhara can be felt easily

One last thing which has exhilarated me on this trip was the storyteller (guard). He told me that very fewer people travel solo to this Kuldhara. And as I am a solo traveller, his words have made my collars up. Hahaha…

At last, the haunted Kuldhara is certainly one of the most anticipating and enthralling villages of Rajasthan which one should definitely visit during the Jaisalmer trip.

I hope this might have spooked you out a little bit. You can also visit my post: My experience at Bhangarh – The Indian Ghost Town.

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