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Reviewing Golden Tower hotel and camp resort at Jaisalmer

I began reminiscing my last days of the year 2017 as a rover on the yellow/golden land of India. Yes, I’ve been travelling to Jaisalmer (The Golden city of India) for the past few days. Now I’m back home and have tons to write about. My head is acting like a bureau full of thoughts and snapshots jumbled together. However, above all, there are people whom I would like to thank and without which this trip might not be so constructive. Truly, this trip couldn’t be so enjoyable without “Anandraj hotels and resorts (aka. Golden Tower hotel and resort)“.

Therefore, I would like to thank Anandraj hotels and resorts for sponsoring my stay at Jaisalmer trip and experience their activities. So I just felt to start my Jaisalmer travel blog series with a review post for Anandraj hotels and resorts who added grace in my trip.

Golden Tower Hotel (A group of Anandraj Hotels and Resorts)

When you are looking to stay at Jaisalmer, Anandraj hotels or Golden Tower Hotel is a great choice. My first expression at the hotel was same as that of Jaisalmer – yellowish, ornamented in Rajasthani attire. The interior was architected in traditional Rajasthani style. The corridors are short and simple but the rooms are large and elegant. Its walls are colourful and have a collage of photos based on tourist’s memoirs. The furniture was heavy and was carved beautifully.

golden tower hotel
Golden Tower hotel front view
hotel golden tower
Collage for memories submitted by the travelers to the hotel

Anyway, back to the Golden Tower hotel, it is in collaboration with Anandraj Hotels and Resorts. The Anandraj Hotels isn’t the hotel at once. Previously it was desert camping run by Anand Raj who organises the activities like camel safaris, jeep safaris, camel rides, bone-fire, night safaris etc. However, in the last decade, Anandraj desert camps collaborated with Golden Tower Hotels and Resorts to provide better-staying options for its visitors both at Jaisalmer and at Sam desert (45 km from Jaisalmer).

golden tower hotel
Simple and beautiful Wall of Golden Tower hotel

Therefore, on my arrival at Jaisalmer, rather at Golden Tower hotel, Mr Dev – the owner of Golden Tower hotels and resorts has greeted me with a nice cup of tea. We had a nice conversation on Jaisalmer and the Thar desert as I was going to see the desert for the first time. After that, I went straight to see how the hotel looks like. So, without saying much, let me float in the memories and show you the hotel…

4-Bed-Bunker Room

The hotel particularly has rooms based on a luxury and price – deluxe rooms, super deluxe and bunker-bed rooms. Among these rooms, I choose to stay in 4 bed-bunker room, to stay with other travellers and visitors. These bunker beds are cheaper but therefore suits best for any budget travellers. The beds look best in terms of size, quality and comfort. Every bed has a charger point and the room was fully wifi equipped.

golden tower hotel
My 4 bunker-bed room
golden tower hotel
This is my bed and my backpack

What is indeed interesting to note is that every floor has something other to show related to the art and tradition. The rooms up the hotel offer panoramic views of Jaisalmer fort.

How to reach the hotel Golden Tower, Jaisalmer

Reaching the hotel Golden Tower is quite simple. The hotel is placed in such a way that it is close to every main point of Jaisalmer. The hotel is 1 km from the Air force circle bus stand. Also, the hotel is nearly 900 m from the main Jaisalmer fort which is also known as the golden fort. The Gadisar lake is nearly 1.2 km from the hotel Golden Tower.

However, the location lies on a street where finding an auto-rickshaw is quite difficult. You have to walk for few meters in order to get one. Anyway, I wandered along the streets of Jaisalmer to explore what Jaisalmer has in it.

Desert Camp Golden Tower

I stayed at the hotel on the first night and my second night was going to be in the camp in the desert. So Anandraj H&R has offered me to stay at for a night in its desert camp resort. The camp golden tower is a resort located at the Sam sand dunes. The camp offers various activities that can be done in the desert and also according to what you want. The activities include camel ride, jeep safari, traditional Rajasthani dance forms, bone-fire, DJ night and few other.

By the way, talking about the Golden Tower resort, this resort suits best if you are a budget traveller. If you want to experience the luxury at a low cost then the Golden Tower can be your first choice. The resort has around 34 swiss tents each accommodating 2 persons. The tent cost varies according to the date you visit like I visited on the peak time of Christmas and New year, the cost was around 2,500 rupees-4,000 rupees per tent or 2 persons with different activities included.

However, it can also be noted that there are a lot more desert resorts running in Jaisalmer like this Golden Tower resort. But what makes it distinguishable is its price and its friendly hospitality. You can easily compare its prices with other camps; where the prices of resorts shoot to 10,000 per tent, the Golden Tower maintains its rate below 5,000 at max.

golden tower hotel
A row of Swiss tent on the sizzling sand

My impression…

At the first look, the resort was neat and tidy. The tents were big, spacious and were red-carpeted haha!! Every tent has attached bathrooms. Also, I was not expecting any fancy in the desert location but the tent was well equipped with the basic amenities like electricities, wake-up calls, water bottles etc. The availability of hot and cold water in camp is for few hours as we can expect in any remote location.

By the way, I seriously love the way these swiss tents were set-up. Actually, this was the first time I was living in such a spacious tent and that too on the sand. Moreover, the food which they serve in dinner and in the breakfast was very good and with different options. Like for dinner, they have dal-baati-churma, potato dishes with poori and chapati. In breakfast, they present tea/coffee with poha and poori sabji which I like the most. Above all, what I like the most is that you can disturb them anytime and they are up to you without any hesitation.

Now without saying much, I should show you some photos of my camp and the resort…
golden tower hotel
My bed in my camp
golden tower hotel
Home is where you pitch your tent and this one is for me
golden tower hotel
I entered and saw this small table to keep my camera haha…
golden tower resort
Captured different shades of sky from my resort

These are some of the snapshots of my stay at desert camp. However, there are many more things to share with you about the resort like involving in camping activities, cultural events and encountering the sunrise on a camel ride. And to do this justice I will share another post on it. Finally, I would again like to thank Golden Tower hotel and resorts and Anandraj H&R for this sponsored stay. I had a great time out there.

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