Panorama of Karni Mata temple

In Photos: Panorama of Karni Mata temple, Udaipur

Thanks to the security guard at Jagdish Temple, Udaipur who told me about the Mansapoorni Karni Mata temple. He said to me “if you are looking the natural beauty of Udaipur city and its landscapes than you must visit Karni Mata temple”.

Previously, my first day went in appreciating the grandeur of Udaipur’s artificial lakes, grand palaces and heritage ghats. And by the end of the day, I had a heap of memories. However, on the second day, I decided to tour temples of the city. I was looking to spend my time in spirituality and devotion. That’s why I started my second-day travel with Jagdish temple.

I sat on the bench of the Jagdish temple and was talking to the security guard. Then only he told me about Karni Mata temple. Moreover, he said that Panorama of Karni Mata temple is extremely grand. And finally, inspired by his statements, I went straight to Karni Mata temple. So come along with me on this beautiful journey.

Karni Mata Temple:

Karni Mata temple or Mansapoorni Karni Mata temple is dedicated to goddess Mansapoorni Karni Mata. It is located on the top of Machhla hill, near Doodh Talai Lake and Deendayal Upadhyay garden. Also, since the temple is situated on the top of Machhla hill, it exhibits some of the panoramic shots of natural scenery of the city. So, if I had to access the temple I had two ways: either by hiking (stairs) the mountain or by rope-way (gondola ride).

I preferred gondola ride over hiking so as to capture the panoramic views of natural beauty. The gondola takes nearly 6-7 minutes of gondola ride to reach the top of the mountain. This gondola ride attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year with the scenic beauty of green Aravali mountain range and prestigious lakes.

When you reach Karni Mata temple, its platform will present the exceptional view of Lake Pichola, Fatehsagar Lake, City Palace, Sajjangarh fort and the whole concrete jungle of Udaipur city. Also, the picturesque landscapes of Aravali range surrounding the Machhla hill are looks amazing from the temple. After seeing and snapping pictures at Karni Mata temple I thought of keeping it with myself but that would be self-centred. Hence, I am showing my photo-story of Karni Mata temple.

Photo-story of Panorama of Karni Mata temple

I just fell in love with the comprehensive grandeur of this city and you will also, once you see these photographs. So, just sit back and allow this Roadaviator to drive you to this Panorama of Karni Mata temple.

First, my journey starts with Gondola ride. The ride cost Rs. 72/- for Indian tourists and Rs. 300/- for Foreign tourists. This is the view of ropeway between the Machhla hills.

Enthralling rope-way to the top of Machhla hills

When I reached the top point of ropeway, there was a restaurant named “Ropeway restaurant“. From that restaurant, I got my first panoramic view of Udaipur city.

Panorama of Karni Mata temple
Ropeway restaurant at the top of Machhla hill.
Panorma of Karni Mata temple
The view of City Palace from Ropeway restaurant at Karni Mata

I found restaurant little expensive but is a nice place to sit and see the beauty of Udaipur. I spent around 30 minutes there drinking juice and taking shots of the surrounding. After leaving the restaurant, I again have to step some stairs to reach the temple.

Panorma of Karni Mata temple
I crossed my last steps to reach the temple
Panorama of Karni Mata temple
Landscape view of Machhla hills and Udaipur city
I must admit, the idols of goddess Karni Mata and Lord Shiva will make you fall in love.
panorama of Karni Mata temple
Beautiful idol of Karni Mata
panorama of Karni Mata temple
Another beautiful idol of Karni Mata
panorama of Karni Mata temple
I came across this beautiful Shiv Linga at the entrance of temple
Finally, here are some of my favourite panoramic shots of beautiful Udaipur city, green Aravali mountain range and prestigious lakes.
Panorama of Karni Mata temple
Concrete jungle of Urban Udaipur city
Panorama of Karni Mata temple
Luxury hotel established on island
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Panorama of Karni Mata temple
Black and white photography of green Aravali landscapes
Panorama of Karni Mata temple
The lakes and the mountains have become my landscapes, my real world.
Panorama of Karni Mata temple
Picture perfect composition of natural blue and green colours

The hill is spiritual and the Panorama is spread in all the direction making it extremely grand. If you are passionate about photography than you cannot miss this hill and the temple.

What I missed at last…

I missed the sunset. Yes, I visited Karni Mata temple in the morning time and that’s why I missed the view. I suggest, if you are staying near Karni Mata temple, then you must spend an evening at the temple.

At-last, Karni Mata temple is considered as a popular tourist spot of Udaipur, however, I was totally unaware of the temple. What surprised me more is its awesome-thrilling gondola ride (ropeway). The gondola ride is something which you must not miss if you are visiting Udaipur or Karni Mata temple.

A great American lecturer “Ralph Waldo Emerson” has said:- Nature always wears the colours of spirit.

With this quote, I ended my visit to Panoramic Mansapoorni Karni Mata temple. If you like it leave a beautiful comment below.

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