interview with bongyatra

My amazing interview with BongYatra

One of the most anticipating thing for me or for any blogger is here. AN INTERVIEW……..

Yes, an interview that every blogger loves to do. Likewise, I got an opportunity to give an interview based on travel blogging.

Recently, BongYatra approached me for an interview. They asked me several questions based on my travel experiences and memoirs, type of traveller I’m, my inhibitions that I have overcome with time and more such questions. For that reason, I would like to thank and give credit to BongYatra and Avik (owner of BongYatra). Have a look at it…

Talking about BongYatra…

BongYatra: Journey that never ends

With the tagline “Journey that never ends“, BongYatra believes that if you see something but you do not feel then you are vague. For that reason, BongYatra is on the mission to quench you with the thirst to do what you have never done, let you go out and explore the places you have never been. BongYatra is on a noble mission of opening up a new chapter of the real you when you traverse to the deep forests or into the exotic beaches or to the mountains.

interview with BongYatra

With that purpose, BongYatra is one another mission of finding out the like-minded persons/bloggers who do the same things as BongYatra does and interviewing them. So, they approached me. Here are some snapshot and have a look at the full interview.

Snapshots of my interview and read my interview with BongYatra…

interview with bongyatra
interview with bongyatra

To read my full interview click on the link “Interview with Prateek Goel

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  1. Suresh Lukhi

    Nice And Very useful info,
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    1. roadaviator

      Yes, thanks Sapna! I’m excited to have this interview. Thanks to BongYatra also.


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