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Naggar village and Naddi village: Himachal’s special villages

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Hiloni is a Travel and Food Junkie who not only loves exploring places beyond itineraries but also has flair for writing about her journeys! Food over boys and places over people is her Mantra. Nice to have you here Hiloni.

Over to you Hiloni:

Himachal Pradesh is my all time favourite destination. Don’t judge it by the small size of the state, it has one of the best panoramic views and beautiful towns to offer in this country. Also known as the Land of God’s, Himachal attracts tourists from all over the world especially adventure junkies. This state has another worldly charm of itself.

My constant Love for Himachal

I recently visited the state for the second time and this time with my friends as we wanted to spend some crazy time together (and spend money earned from our internships). With me usually preferring to travel off the beaten track I chose to ditch the main towns and opted to live in the tiny villages on the outskirts of the main attractions.

Though short on budget and risky for many conventional tourists this indeed turned out to be the best decision of my life!


Thanks to coupons from MakeMyTrip we decided to reach Chandigarh by flight without putting a hole in our pocket. That helped us save time which we utilized later in our trip in doing some really exciting things.

Landing at Chandigarh Airport, I sat in the car and started my journey towards Manali. The route from Chandigarh to Manali is breathtaking and if one has a chance, opt for it. Although the journey took us 12 hours, travelling through the mountains with the Beas river flowing alongside was worth every moment.

Naggar Village

We had planned to live in a village called Naggar village which was almost an hour away from the main town of Manali. We had decided to live in a home stay. As we reached night we were unaware of our surroundings and views but the next morning was one of the best!

I wake up at 5 am listening to birds chirping and singing along. I look outside my window to find it is daylight already! Walking to my balcony I find the landscape filled with snow-capped mountains with the first rays of the sun falling on the peaks. It was so beautiful to be in that moment, experiencing it.

Morning view of mountains from the stay
Naggar village
Snow-capped mountains at its best view

The next two days were equally exciting! We explored the tiny village of Naggar, to find a castle that was built by the King more than 500 years ago. It was an architectural marvel with being built with nothing but wood and stones.

If visiting there don’t forget to drop in, in a small quaint café right opposite the castle for some delicious desserts.

naggar village
small quaint café: Naggar delight cafe

Instead of visiting Rohtang Pass we decided to go to a place nearby for some ATV Quad Biking, namely the Alternate Terrain. They had a huge land which was so well maintained and grew their own produce for the café they run there.

After giving us a short training on how to ride the Quad Bikes we were taken on a so-called ‘Jungle Route’ that was rugged. We had to ride over huge stones and boulders, through massive pools of water to finally reach on the riverside. The view was spectacular with the Beas river flowing alongside rapidly and sounding like thunder. It was an amazing experience!

naggar village
An amazing experience on quad bikes

Naddi Village

Our next stop was Naddi village that lay on the outskirts of Dharamshala. It was as beautiful as Naggar! Peaceful and serene!

Travelling from one place to another in Himachal generally takes quite long and a lot of hours. We would usually reach our destinations late evening or at night but this excited us as we knew we were going to wake up to something beautiful and breathtaking and we weren’t disappointed.

Naddi was a quaint village with hardly and tourists. We woke up to a beautiful view of the Dhauladhar ranges and lazed the day around happily basking in the warmth of the sun on a cold day.

The next morning we hired a local to take us for a trek around the village. After a good breakfast, we put on our shoes and left. The path was rugged and only wide enough for a single person to walk. It was scary seeing the deep valley on our side but enticing at the same time.

After trekking for almost an hour we suddenly came across a pond of fresh, crystal clear and clean water. Coming from a city like Bombay that was a sight to behold and a moment to cherish!

What a wonderful serendipity!

naggar village
Natural surrounding is worth watching at this village

We sat down on the rocks surrounding it, whiling away our time and enjoying the serene and peaceful environment.

Naggar village
sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature

The first half of the trek turned out to be more relaxing to the mind and body rather than tiring. The second half of the trek was more interesting though. We decided to trek down the river. The river had dried up so all that was left was huge rocks and boulders. It was one hell of a trek back.

By the end of the trek, we were covered in dirt, stung by poisonous plants, parts of our clothes torn and leeches stuck to our shoes. Never had I ever experienced a crazy trek like this and don’t intend to in the future!

On our third day in Naddi, we decided to be a little touristy and planned a day in the famous town of Mcleodganj! We spent our day in the bustling market, visiting monasteries and hogging on the mouth-watering momos served right outside made by the Tibetan women.


The last leg of our trip was Dalhousie. As there is not much to do in Dalhousie we only relaxed and spent our time playing indoor games. In the evening we decided to go for a walk around the town when the sky turned dark. It started to rain and shortly afterwards there was a hail storm that lasted for an hour! After the sky was clear again we experienced one of the best sunset’s and we’re able to see the ranges of the Dhauladhar Mountains of the Himalayas.

Naggar village
Impressive Dalhousie-Mini Switzerland of India

It was a sight to behold. It was still cold so being the foodies and hoggers we were, we took a walk to the market to devour on some piping hot ‘jalebis and Rabdi’ along with some momos.

Naggar village
Sandwich and cutlets are the best at this foddies and hoggers site
Naggar village
Hot and pipping Jalebi was presented in front of me

On the last day in Dalhousie, we decided to visit Khajjiar and have a small picnic which is also known as the Mini Switzerland of India. With evergreen cedar trees surrounding it from all sides and rabbits and sheep running around and grazing in the fields was a perfect end to the trip.

So that’s it for the day!! Thanks Hiloni for sharing your love for this lovely village of Himachal Pradesh.


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  1. Rahul Devkar

    I have never been to these villages thinking visit them would be boring, but reading this make me regret! Amazing article Roadaviator..!
    And that Jalebi is KILLER ;P


  2. Mohuya Dey

    Wao…The foods are so delicious… mouthwatering food.
    I have never been to Himachal Pradesh, but your articles and the supporting images prove it must be a great place to visit.


  3. Neeti Poddar

    Seems as though I have just returned from a wonderful trip of HimachAl Pradesh…great description!


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks, Neeti! Yes, the description was so beautifully written by Hiloni!


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