Passport holder review

Passport Holder Review: Urby’s Wanderlust passport holder


Think about a situation:
You are travelling abroad, staying in a lavish hotel and enjoying every moment of your travel but suddenly you check your pocket and you find that your passport is not there. What will you do? You know that you have put the passport separately in the back/front pocket of your jeans and now you have lost it. What will you do?

It is also obvious that you have made a lot of backup plans for it. You might have many copies of your passport (both scanned and hard one). You would be having a digital picture of your passport which can prove your citizenship. But you wouldn’t like to spend your vacations at embassy office, waiting to get your temporary passport. Your whole vacations will get ruined.

Think about one more situation:
Suppose you are travelling to a hot land and you are sweating profusely due to sun or heat. You have kept your passport in your pocket and due to humidity, your passport got damaged. What will you do?

The point is when you are travelling abroad, nothing is more important than your passport. Even if you have lost all your money or misplaced your credit cards, you can borrow money to survive. But, if you lost your passport, you’ve lost your identity as it is the only document which can prove your existence outside your land. Hence, losing a passport is the worst nightmare for a traveller.

For this reason, the safety of your passport is utmost important. Therefore, passport holder is an ideal place to store your passport keeping it safe from been theft or from getting damaged. When it comes to the best passport holder for travelling, there are different types of passport holders with variety in designs and patterns. Today I’m going to review one of such Passport holder which received from Urby – a luxury travel accessories company. I received an “onyx black passport holder” as a sponsored product and I’m using it very well and I’ve been testing it in these days. So I’m going to make an honest unbiased passport holder review based on that; just have a look at it.

passport holder review
Urby’s Wanderlust Passport Holder

Urby’s Wanderlust Passport Holder Review:

“For every little or long journey you embark on, the wanderlust will hop along – fitting in every moment you cherish.” – Quoted by Urby

Urby is an e-commerce company specializes in creating and selling its luxurious travel and lifestyle products that certainly makes the life of tourist or traveller much easier and one of such product is “Wanderlust Passport Holder“.  So keeping both the strong desire to wanderlust and the travellers in mind, Urby has designed luxurious “wanderlust passport holders”. Let’s have a look at this wanderlust passport holder review….

passport holder review
My wanderlust passport holder
Passport holder review
Luxury Urby travel accessories

Product detail:

The Wanderlust passport holder is a fantastic passport holder that is both slim and easy to fit into your back or front pocket. It is a wonderful organizer for the travellers as it has a lot of room to fit a passport, boarding passes, credit cards and important cards and other essential documents. When it comes to the design, the passport holder is perfectly handcrafted with a premium crocodile embossed leather making it looks lavishly eye-catchy. This leather has not only made it tough and durable but also reliable and quality product. The interior of this passport holder is velvety napped with soft fleshy leather, giving you an outrageous or novel feel. We will talk out interior details later in this post.

Specification of Passport holder:

  • Handcrafted in premium croc embossed leather
  • Dimensions: 13.5 cm (L) x 9.5 cm (W) x 0.2 cm (H)
  • Rich soft suede interior
  • Easy slide-in sleeve for passport
  • 3 quick access card slots
  • Sleeve pocket for other cards or quick cash
  • External sleeve for receipts, foreign currency & more
  • Open section for travel documents
  • Colour: Onyx Black
  • Encased in a canvas drawstring pouch
passport holder review
Best view of the passport holder
Passport holder review
My complete passport holder arrangement

Interior details of Passport holder:

Talking about its interior then according to the dimensions mentioned above, the space provided is sufficient to keep your passport and your cards comfortably. On the right side of the holder, an easy sliding section slot is given to keep your passport. One the left side of the holder, there are 3 card slots are provided where you can keep your credit/debit cards etc. Also, there is open section underneath the slots to store and keep your travel documents like boarding pass etc. safely. Moreover, on the left side, there is a separate pocket to keep your currency. All of the above, the interior design of passport holder is made with premium tanned leather. Keeping all the things aside, just have a look the photographs and decide how it looks like!!

passport holder review
Inside look of the passport holder
passport holder review
3 large card slots on the left to keep your important cards safely
Passport holder review
Complete Passport holder: Cards on the left side and the passport on the right side.
passport holder review
Backside of passport holder: Another slot to put your money or something else

Extra features provided by the company:

  • There are different variants of passport holder along with different shades of colours and style. So you can choose your style. The price tag is also affordable when it comes to the luxury.
  • All the products come with a one-year, material and craftsmanship guarantee. The company will repair it for you for free.
  • To make your travel more stylish and unique, the company offers personalisation system. You can tell them to print either your name or initials or any message on the front of the holder. Just you have to give Rs. 150 more for it. I don’t think it will make much impact on your pocket.
  • When it comes to the delivery system, the passport holder is packed in canvas drawstring pouch and put into a hard casing. Hence, you’ll never feel disappointed.
passport holder review
My name is printed at the front bottom of passport – customized holder
Passport holder review
I love this customized passport holder
Passport holder review
Black and white look of this wonderful passport holder, I love this.

More about this product,

Even if you are travelling to the hot place, this passport holder will save your essenstials especially passport and travel document from sweating. Also, it will not slip down from your hand if your hands are wet. So such small-small noticeable things are been taken care by Urby for this product. One more thing, according to me, if the company can offer something, like a personalised photograph of yours on the passport holder.

No… I don’t think that the croc leathered passport holder will look good if it has a photo on it. It’s black colour itself provide a great look. However, there are many other variants of the holder which can have your photograph. To have a more professional look of this passport holder you can have a look at “Urby Passport holders.”

Finally, I would like to say that Urby’s wanderlust passport holder will not only guard your passport but it will also add style to your travel.

Now I don’t have to worry about slipping my passport out. I didn’t find any harm in using it or any negative thing about this product. Moreover, its price range is affordable as well if we look at its luxury. Overall I’m happy with the “Urby’s Wanderlust Passport Holder” and can say that you should buy it and use it, it will not disappoint you. Lastly, I would like to thank Urby for offering me this sponsored post. I hope I’ve done justice to it and wrote an unbiased review.

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