Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300: A perfect camera for amateurs

Here comes the most awaited review post on one of the most essential things for me or for any traveler. Also, some of my fellow mates were asking me to express something about my travel accessories. And over the last few years I had spent loads of hours in researching and experimenting with various travel gears. Some of these accessories include luggage, backpacks, cameras, mobiles and other electronics, essential kits etc. Also while trying these things I was clear with the things that I just loved and the things I feel to change.

However, today, I’m not going to express my experiences with all these things, rather I want to share my feelings with one of these accessories. This accessory is very important in any traveler’s life. So, if I brief this product than it is one of the basic amenity that is used for exploring and capturing beautiful moments of our travel. Yes your guess is exactly what I’m talking about. It is the camera gear…

Currently I have 3 cameras with me: 2 are the “DSLRs” and 1 is “Point n Shoot” camera. Today, I’ll be discussing about one of them. The one which I had bought few months ago and what I receive against it is truly stunning. I’m talking about my new Nikon D3300. So let’s start….

Nikon D3300

Despite the fact that mirror-less cameras are getting popular now-a-days, the DSLRs are remarkably doing better. And Nikon D3300 is one of the DSLR, which has most of the entry-level DSLR market. However, it is true that Nikon D3300 was released in 2014, but still we cannot say it as an old fuzzy camera or it is not trendy. It is highly used by the amateurs who are not in the mood to invest much in the beginning. Furthermore, D3300 is such a camera with which you can take your photography skills to the next level. Yes it is possible that Nikon D3300 will surprise you with loads of stunning images.

Nikon D3300
Nikon D3300 main body

Another thing is that, earlier some people had asked me about my camera usage. Even my closest friends had suggested me to share my views on my camera accessory. That’s why I decided or got a chance to write about it. So in this article I’m going to show what I like about this camera and what I dislike. Thereby, I’ll be sharing some of the photographs from my travels.

A short guide to Nikon D3300

I’ll not be sharing a detailed description of every button and designs. However, I’ll share some of the basic options and features you should amaze about in D3300. Nikon D3300 is a 24.2 MP, DX format DSLR camera launched after the success of D3200. There are some basic specifications of Nikon D3300:

  • Resolution: 24.20 MP
  • Sensor type: APS-C type similar to D7200
  • Sensor size: 23.5mm X 15.6mm
  • Processing engine: Second generation (EXPEED 4)
  • Viewfinder: Both optical and LCD
  • ISO: 100-12,800 extended to even 25,600
  • Shutter Speed: 1/4000 – 30 sec and Time and Bulb mode
  • Shooting mode: Substantial shooting modes
  • AFS system: 11 point AFS system

The most noteworthy thing about D3300 is that when you look at both D3300 and D3200, they looks almost identical to each other, or we can say that D3300 is clone of D3200. But the real difference is in the image quality and performance which had taken it to the next level in the world of DSLRs. Nikon D3300 doesn’t skimp on power or performance, so what makes this camera the best among other in its range? It’s new features…

New features:

  • EXPEED 4 image-processing engine (it allows the D3300 to shoot continuously at max. rate of 5fps)
  • D3300 has a dedicated 420-pixel RGB sensor to gather exposure, white balance and focus information to inform the automatic scene recognition system.
  • No optical low-pass filter
  • 1080p video with 50p/60p fps
  • There is an improvement in ISO sensitivity of this camera (upto 25,600).
  • 700 shot battery life
  • Extra super vivid mode
  • Also, one of the most important feature which was introduced by Nikon was Panorama shots.

So when you look at the specifications and new features, we can expect sharp shots with high exposure. This helps us to create crispy shots and also with improved the video quality. But one more thing I’ve noticed here: many professionals says that it is quite tough to handle the camera. Despite the fact that there is perfect gripping, they says that due to the compact body, there is less room for our fingers to be placed. But I have some contrary views in this, I found it easy to place my fingers between the grip and the lens. So, with the better photo quality and slightly better performance, Nikon D3300 is the modest refinement over its predecessor (D3200). But there are also some pros and cons of this camera.

Nikon D3300
Camera with different lenses

Pros and cons of Nikon D3300:


  • Fine detailed image quality
  • High pixel count with uncompressed HDMI output
  • 1080/60p video
  • no optical low pass filter
  • easy to use and excellent guide mode
  • relatively high ISO performance
  • Fingers perfectly rests on the top of the control dial and important buttons

  • Fixed LCD
  • No built in wifi
  • Screen non touch-sensitive
  • Few direct controls
  • Manual focusing is low
  • Limited connectivity options.


Despite of these cons, the camera is still light, controls are very easy to find and is compatible with different types of lenses. Now I’m going to share some of my photographs showing the quality of Nikon D3300.

My experiments with cameras:

My main experimentation with camera and photographs has started with this Nikon D3300 only. Earlier I used to click photographs without thinking much of camera settings. But with the DSLR I just started actual learning.

Clicking portrait shots and blur photography:

Ideal condition: Setting the focal length at 70mm or more and fixing ISO to 100 to 400. And thereby adjusting aperture lower than f5.6. This will not only blur the background but also will focus the object clearly (sharp without noise). These settings will control the depth of field or we can say increase it. However, for high camera range f2.8 or f3 is best suited for portraits.
In my case: In Nikon D3300 there is aperture limit of f3.5 or f3.8 particularly. But still the results are quite stunning. In my case, the light conditions were not so good and I don’t have method to adjust light conditions. Hence. ISO was more in the photographs shown below.

Nikon D3300
My aunt portrait: f/4.5, 1/100 sec, ISO-12800, 70mm focal length
Nikon D3300
My uncle with his daughter: f/4.8, 1/80 sec, ISO-12800, 110mm focal length
Nikon D3300
Statue’s portrait: f/4.8, 1/40 sec, ISO-100, 95mm focal length
Nikon D3300
Traveling with siblings: f/10, 1/80 sec, ISO-100, 210mm focal length

Flower photography is one of the most worthy examples of blur photography as the main focus is on flower and so the background has to be blur. check out the results..

Nikon D3300
Flower near world trade park, Jaipur: f/5.6, 1/50 sec, ISO-100, 55mm focal length and +0.3 exposure
Nikon D3300
Dried leaves near Bhimbetika: f/6.3, 1/50 sec, ISO-100, 300mm focal length

Isn’t these images have blurry background….

Low light photography

Here, we don’t required to blur the background since we are capturing picture in night or low light. Here, it first of all depends on how you want to set the ISO. For example in my case: I had put ISO at 100, hence my photography needed to raise the aperture value. Also, with ISO-100 and my shutter speed is nearly 1/500, the aperture may reach to f/18 or f/22 or f/32 even. Focal length also effect the settings. That’s why there cannot be any ideal case, I guess.

Nikon D3300
Moon photography: f/8, 1/100 sec, ISO-100, 300mm focal length
Too early in the morning-sunrise: f/22, 1/500 sec, ISO-100, 300mm focal length
More light needed here at cave: f/3.5, 1/15 sec, ISO-100, 18mm focal length

Here, I needed more light to enter in my camera that’s why 1/15 sec shutter speed is kept. However, I’m not good at night photography or low light photography. I need to explore more on it.

Capturing motion:

Here comes the use of shutter speed mainly. The minimum value of shutter speed is 1/100. The whole scene will get stop especially at 1/300.

Motion capture-fountain: f/6.3, 1/500 sec, ISO-100, 280 mm focal length
Flower motion captured: f/6.3, 1/400 sec, ISO-100, 185mm focal length

In both the case, there was too much windy condition. However, I could not calculate the speed of wind..haha

Landscape photography:

The main use of aperture priority comes here. Higher the aperture setting (f9 or greater) to produce a deep depth of field. Subjects at varying distances from your camera are clicked. Travel photography uses this mode more often.

Nikon D3300
Jaipur landscape from the top: f/10, 1/400 sec, ISO-200, 40mm focal length
Nikon D3300
:andscape photo from Udayagiri hill: f/9, 1/320 sec, ISO-100, 70mm focal length
Nikon D3300
My bike with landscape: f/5.6, 1/800 sec, ISO-100, 18mm focal length

Here in last photograph, due to cloudy environment, there is different aperture value.

Droplets photography:

I’m experimenting with my camera for macro-photography, however, I don’t have the macro lens. I just tried something on my own..

Nikon D3300
Droplets on leaves: f/6.3, 1/20 sec, ISO-800, 300mm focal length
Nikon D3300
Droplets on rose: f/5.6, 1/20 sec, ISO-400, 48mm focal length

Here, the most noteworthy thing I got to know was that, to have more precise droplets photography, may be there is need to keep aperture value less then f/6.3, also low shutter speed: 1/20 or less.

Points to be noted here:

  • All the photographs are clicked by Nikon D3300 and by roadaviator (P.G) only.
  • All the photographs are original without editing, just a watermark is there.
  • I have two lenses: 18mm-55mm lens and 70mm-300mm lens
  • All of the above, my experiments with Nikon D3300, has shown me brilliant results which I was not expecting.
  • More experiments are to be performed with the camera like long exposure shots, droplets or macro photography. For macro photography you need Tamron AF 70-300mm lens

Despite of certain pros and cons in this camera, it has a lot more to offer which definitely surpasses cons (afterall). That’s why I can easily say that it is always my pick to get start your photography with this entry level DSLR. My personal choice. This was my first review on camera accessory which however, not sponsored, but with personal interest and with request of my fellow mates.

To visit more about about the photographs clicked by Nikon D3300, just visit the link: Madhya Pradesh with Nikon D3300 also you can follow me on Instagram

**Disclosure: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, and that too at no additional cost to you. So, if you feels like you need it based on my review and decide to make a purchase, I’ll earn some commission.

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  1. Aditi

    I have been using Canon Kiss x7i, which I have benn using for 3 years now. I am very satisfied with it, except the unavailability of Wi-fi. Your looks great too, as the pros are more than the cons. 😀


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks, Aditi, for commenting. Canon Kiss x7i is also a great camera. One of my friends has it.


  2. Ana De-Jesus

    A shame that it does not have wifi connectivity but I can see from your review that the pros outweigh the cons so that is great! I need a new camera.


    1. prateekgoel

      Haa you can say that! wifi is missing in it!! But that’s not a problem for me especially haha!!
      BTW thanks a lot Ana! Hope you enjoyed it.


  3. Travel, Food N Fitness By Sapna

    great!!..even I want to have a good camera..Prateek, Friendship day chala gay, raksha Bandhan bhi chala gaya, ab to children day aayega 😛


    1. prateekgoel

      Madam aakhir kehna kya chahti ho!! Aur I’m really sorry happy belated friendship day and main bacho ko children day par wish kr dunga..theek hai!!
      By the way thanks a lot for commenting. Hope you have liked my post.


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