eight family friendly road trip

Eight family friendly road trip ideas

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Travelling is always fun especially with family and kids. The people who just think that traveling by road is only half fun have never taken a road trip in their life. Traveling with family is a tradition of many European and American native countries. Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to reunite with friends and family to create new and everlasting childhood memories together and save some memories of your family with the camera lens that would always keep your experience fresh and alive and every time you see them you feel happy and joyful. Enlisted in this article are the ideas for every fantasy you associate with traveling experience.

Give your car a revamp:

Before getting on a journey with your family, it is advisable that you get a revamp for your car and get a go signal from your car technician. Revamping makes it sure for you that your car is up to date on oil and gas changes. Moreover, it’s recommended that you take a budget estimate for the fuel and carry gas cards that can make your road trip a budget friendly trip.

eight family friendly road trip
Me (Johnathan)

Set rest destinations along your journey:

The second idea to be kept in mind while traveling with your family is to keep the trip realistic and more enjoyable. Don’t plan to reach your destination in just one flow as it would tire both you and the other members and indeed they would get bored and tired of the road path. Installing travel apps on your phone would help you to discover some places that come in between your final destination and deserves your praise. It can be anything such as a park, a beautiful green attraction area or a diner with a decent ice cream list.

Ensure the safety and security of your family:

You are not alone when you are traveling with your family and kids. Therefore, it is advisable you take special measures and tools for their safety and security. All you need to do is prepare a small bag that has tools like first aid kit, anti-allergies, antiseptics that can prove to be your friend in need. It is also advisable to see the doctor before you set on a journey to get some piece of advice regarding your eating habits and sleep patterns.

eight family friendly road trip
Eight family friendly road trip

Play interactive games:

I know technology has changed the concept of spending time with family, but it can prove to be great once you are traveling. With the help of innovative game apps, you can play with your kids and stay in touch with them if you are traveling in different cars. One of the best experienced shared by a tourist family of playing bingo and now that even the journey has lasted we keep the memories alive by constantly pointing out bingo sightings all the way.

Play music in your car:

Music can add a soft touch to your long journey.  If you are traveling in a group, then you have to choose the music wisely that suits everyone’s taste. Selection of music from the early 80s to the present would allow you to keep pace with the young generation. You would also be able to differentiate the changes in the music between your time and your children’s time. Having the best 6×8 speakers in your car will make you enjoy a comfortable frequency of your favorite music.

Save your memories in the form of pictures:

Stopping by to take pictures can make your trip more fun, and you would be able to share the moments and experience with your friends and family sitting back home. You can also take pictures with an idea for making a collage for your living room or pin them on a soft board in your bedroom. Social media has made it a lot easier to save your memories and stay tuned to friends and their comments on your pictures. Take lots of pictures as they will allow you to keep the best ones and discard the ones with bad picture quality. If you are traveling with kids then it is best to encourage them to record their own memories and make a travel book in which they can paste all those pictures with a little information about each place and show them to their friends.

eight family friendly road trip
Family friend road trip

Try to visit your relatives there

A road trip gives you a best chance to reunite with your friends and family living far away. If they are residing in the areas that comes in between your road trip will allow you to meet them moreover you can also use their house as a place to stop by. Tourists while traveling to different places make a lot of friends on their way, have pictures with them, exchange their numbers and increase their social circle. For kids it can be a joyous experience meeting their age fellows and discussing their trip experience.

Eat healthy

Carrying your home food and snacks is one of the most advisable and recommended road trip hacks that would ensure your healthy eating without wasting money on other food items available in the market. You are never sure about the hygiene of the food of another country as they might not follow the traditional patterns of cooking as followed by you in your home town. Just like you get a good to go certificate for the car from your mechanic in the same way it would be best to consult your doctor for diet plan to follow while on a road trip.

eight family friendly road trip
Eat healthy

The restaurants are so much involved in profit making that they often ignore the health of the customers so it’s better to avoid restaurant foods and enjoy your trip to the fullest without getting sick.

Thank you so much Johnathon for writing a guest post on ideas to have a great family friendly trip..

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