A Guide to Shimla: Tips on Vacation, Places, and Accommodation

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Mohuya is a passionate traveler and blogger from Kolkata, India. Mohuya’s posts have earned her more viewership of late. It’s her queer way of captivating the imagination of an inquisitive reader that has earned her such critical acclaim. Every minute detailing with which she shares her experiences is bound to grab your attention and set your mood for the right destination.

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Mohuya over to you:

Shimla is a major tourist hotspot situated in Northern India and is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. During the British Colonial rule, it was the summer capital of India. This hill station is truly charming amid its dense forests and hills.

The proximity of Deodar and Pine trees has made this area immensely beautiful. The height of the city varies between 300 and 2200 metres.

Shimla seemed to be an ideal destination for us as we took an afternoon stroll by the busy Mall Road in the heart of the township. A few important places that we visited include the Gaiety Theatre, Jakhoo Temple, Scandal Point, The Annandale Ground, Christ Church, The Annandale Ground, The Ridge, Sankat Mochan Temple, and Kali Bari Temple.  Jakhu Temple is situated on the highest peak of Shimla and we choose to ride a yak for fun once we reached this point.

One of the best temple at Shimla
Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple
The famous Christ Church of Shimla

The ideal time for a car trip from Delhi:

We had to acquire more knowledge on the climatic and road conditions before taking the plunge. You’re advised not to visit this place during the monsoon season (i.e. between the months of July and September) due to the risk of mountain hazards like landslides. Our favorite time to visit Shimla is between the months of April and June when the road conditions are less risky. The summer months will show you lesser space for parking. Instead of booking cabs, we mostly choose to drive a rental car from Delhi.

Travel options to choose from:

Depending on your preference, you may choose to ride on a luxury car or an economy one with lower fuel consumption.  You may choose to opt for a service that ensures cars with all advanced safety features besides modern amenities. We opted for a car ride as we preferred comfort, convenience, and safety over other important factors. Booking a rental car for traveling from Delhi to Shimla has always been easier ever since we explored few of the latest Zoomcar offers.

Few interesting places that we checked on our way from Delhi:

Naldhera has its own scenic beauty and a huge golf course.

Mashobra seemed good for bird-watching, but you may even take part in adventurous activities like camping, trekking, and paragliding.

Kufri has a national park. We found a few horse riders making their way up to a nearby peak.


Fagu Valley is all about serenity and it will trigger that ecstatic mood if you’re a true nature lover.

Tattapani caught our attention due to its caves and hot water spring.

Manikaran is a place that we came across while visiting the Parvati valley. It stands on the banks of river Parvati, which is some 40 km away from Bhuntar – a place that has earned much fame due to its hot springs besides a temple and Gurudwara.


Kasol– the weather conditions and the natural surrounding seemed very pleasing for most of us. You won’t mind taking a few snapshots while visiting this small village situated banks of Parvati River.

Few Good Staying Options:

We had our room booked in advance at the Hotel Silverline. However, you may choose to explore a few other staying options like the Marigold Sarovar Portico and the Radisson Jass Hotel.

You’ll find competitive rates for both hotels and home-stays besides experiencing quality cab service all the year round. Traveling anywhere within the Shimla district seems to be enjoyable regardless of whether you’re on a business tour or on a holiday trip.

It’s natural for you to plan your trip and make your travel arrangements in advance. For this, you’ll need to be more organized if you really wish to avoid all hassles during the course of your trip.

Thank you so much Mohuya for writing a guest post on Shimla…

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    The temples are so pretty, I love their brightly coloured roofs and points. The Christ church is a stunning building too. It sounds well worth a trip from Delhi, especially if you can stop off at so many other places along the way too.


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    Shimla looks like a great place to visit, especially because it is reachable from Delhi as well. It’s great to rent a car because you can stop on the way and do all those great things, like horseriding or going to the hot springs.


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