Mint mojito

Mint Mojito: Making and reviewing

Delicious and refreshing, this summer season I have been drinking a lot of mocktails, juices and syrups to escape the heat. In-fact, I will say, the only reason why I love summer season – is my love for these fizzy drinks. And nothing can beat a healthy sparkling mint flavored mocktail in this hot season. Hence, it had made me to write this post. I’ll be putting forward hand made mint mocktail and a packed mint syrup by bought from amazon.

Yes, It is going to be my blog based on food and drinks. In-fact, I would rather say, it is a review kind of post. Actually, for the first time in a while I made my first mocktail and I was so much carried away that I had to write this post. Again, I have also bought a mocktail syrup from amazon and ran a test in regards of taste. There is one more reason behind writing it. And that is because we never wishes to drink only water, we want something more fascinating and more refreshing . Therefore, we made mocktails and cocktails.

I was all alone in my home and wanted to drink something cool. Therefore, I thought of making a nice exhilarating “Mint Mojito“. Let’s see what happened next…

Mint Mojito

White sugar
Mint leaves
Lime sorbet
Lime juice
Club soda
Lime slices
150 ml
Two tea spoon
2 bunches
For garnish, if required.

Important Note: Every ingredient used here are nearly in same quantity. I haven’t calculated exactly, but the quantity is in the best of my knowledge.

Mint mojito
2 glasses of Mint Mojito for me only


  • I’ve put 2 glasses water in a large container and added white sugar. Then I’ve stirred it and heated it on gas stove. You can even heat it in microwave for few minutes (2-3 minutes).
  • After this, add the chopped mint leaves (in this case I’ve used prestige – mixture for chopping) to the water and allow it to cool for 5-6 minutes.
  • Thereafter, I’ve removed all the mint leaves from it and set aside.
  • Preparation of lemon juice: Grab a glass and get 1 lemon and 1 lime (Hindi – mausami) out of the the refrigerator. Then, cut and squeeze them into the glass and add water as per your need (I’ve used 2 cups). Stir it well and your lemon juice is ready.
  • Now put the lemon juice, lime sherbet and little water together in a pitcher and stir it well.
  • Pour the mint mixture which was earlier made, into the lime mixture prepared in the previous step.
  • Add some club soda and stir it. Finally enjoy the drink.
Mint mojito
Enjoy the refreshing mint mojito

My learning:

First of all, when I started making this mint mocktail and I was not sure how I’m going to proceed. That’s why, while preparing it I had wasted or rather invested a lot of water, lime and lemon. First, I made lemon juice (I was expert in making it) but I didn’t know what to do further to make mint mojito. Proceeding further, I mix some part of mint prepared earlier with lemon juice but the results were horrible. I miserably failed in it. So after putting a lot of efforts, I finally got the right mixture. Lemon juice with lime sorbet and some little water had worked well. I had to boil mint solution for 4 minutes instead of 2 minutes. Finally I came up with a nice mint mocktail. But by having a sip of mint I found that there is still one thing was missing in regards with taste. Hence, I came up with club soda.

All of the above, I made a lot of mistakes finally came up with perfect mint mocktail. It was a definitely a perfect one.

Now it’s time for Mala’s green mint mojito syrup

It was just few days back when I bought Mala’s Mock Tail – Green Mint from amazon. Essentially, it is the simplest way to have a nice mint mojito, ready-made and just drink. What you have to do with it is:

Just put some of the water in cup/glass and add few ml (5ml) of Mala’s mint mojito syrup from the bottle and mix it. Stir it well and add few cubes of ice in it and enjoy. But one thing is very clear with which most of my readers will agree. The recipe which we make and the one ready-made has a lot of difference.

mint mojito
Mala’s green mint mojito
mint mojito
I’m pouring Mala’s green mint mojito syrup into glass
mint mojito
Mala green mint bottle, ice and water. Mix them in glass
mint mojito
Glass filled with green mint mojito

What I found was the taste of Mala’s green mint mojito was quite similar to what I made. I enjoyed both of these. Amazon has really gave a great product. I’ll rate it 4 out of 5. It is really addictive in taste.

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