ultimate guide to Jaipur

The ultimate guide to Jaipur: sightseeing and travel tips

Doused in the appeasing terracotta pink, Jaipur is known by many synonyms. Jaipur is the epitome of excellence, epitome of vibrant and adorable culture. This magnificent pink city offers some of the awe-inspiring fascinations like palaces, havelis, monuments and gardens. Moreover, with the hues of its history and glittering shopping centers, this old-charming Jaipur stands out as one of the most flamboyant city of India; in-fact the flamboyant city of Asia. So, Jaipur is the best place to get the feel of preserved architecture and how kings spend their lives and how religiously they spread their culture across the Rajasthan. Hence, I’m here to share with you: “The ultimate guide to Jaipur“.

But, few mere words are not enough to describe such a comprehensive grandeur Jaipur, it is much more than that. Even though I have being living near to Jaipur for the past few years; I’ve never felt such an overwhelming feeling as I am feeling now, after having a week long Jaipur travel trip.

First let’s go through the history of Jaipur…

History of Jaipur city:

Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan which was established by Jai Singh II in 1727. It is considered to be India’s first planned city and it’s various sites are termed to be world class heritage by UNESCO world heritage. Initially Rajasthan capital was Amber which is few kilometers from Jaipur. Later on, Jaipur was named to be the capital of Rajasthan. I’ve read in some books that in 1872, Prince wales visited Jaipur and that’s when the whole Jaipur was colored in terracotta Pink. Hence, Jaipur is known as “The pink city”.

In addition, the architecture of Jaipur was considered to be the most advanced at that time. Probably the reason behind this is the architecture of monuments, palaces and other historic places, you will feel the touch of both Hindu-Muslim mix architecture. This is where the glimpse of royal and unbound Rajasthani culture can be seen. There is so much to tell about the Jaipur which I cannot explain in any single post. That’s why I have already shown some glimpse of Jaipur, its history and culture through last few posts on Jaipur.

Weather of Jaipur: Time to visit

Yes it is very true that Jaipur offers spellbound beauty which attracts every tourists. Also the memoirs of Jaipur get tattooed in the minds of tourists and travelers. Thus, it is very important for us to know the time when you can get the best of Jaipur.

Therefore, the localities, auto-rickshaw drivers and off-course me says, “the best time Jaipur is in winter“. Although the temperature of Jaipur remain hot and arid throughout the year, but in winters, the temperature dips to 5 degree to 20 degree. In summer you cannot travel at all because of extreme hot and unbearable climate. I’ve traveled Jaipur at the end of April, the time when temperature remains in the range of 30 degree to 40 degree.

Temperature variation:

  • May to June: 40 degree to 48 degree → Extreme hot and deadly weather
  • July to Sept: 30 degree to 40 degree → Heavy rainfall with hot and humid climate
  • October to November: 20 degree to 30 degree → Festive season with much relief from scorching heat
  • December to February: 5 degree to 18 degree → Best time to travel and please bring winter clothing with you.
  • March to April: 20 degree to 35 degree → Autumn season and again tourist love this time to travel.

Exploring Jaipur:

If you are planning to explore Jaipur, there are lot of things that you can do in Jaipur. The cuisine, the architecture, natural beauty, glittering shops and many more things will make you fall in love with Jaipur. With these things, Jaipur is considered to be a world class city, in-fact a world class heritage city. There are forts, gardens, museums, etc. bringing up more tourists and travelers to experience this city. So, I have listed down various sightseeing that will keep you engage for more then a week..

ultimate guide to jaipur
Jaipur tourist map

List of various sightseeing in Jaipur:

Forts and Palaces:
Amer Fort
Jaigarh Fort
Nahargarh Fort
Hawa Mahal
Diggi Palace
Jal Mahal
Rani Sisodiya Garden
Vidyadhar Garden
Kanak Vrindavan Garden
Jawahar Circle
Ram Niwas Garden
Central Park
Birla mandir
Govind Dev ji temple
Galta ji
Shila Devi temple
Museums and others:
City Palace
Albert Hall Museum
Jantar Mantar
Nahargarh Biological Park


Some of these spots are shown below through the photographs…

Hawa Mahal:

Jaipur travel place
The great “mor mukut” Hawa Mahal
Jaipur travel place
Colours of Ratan Mandir – second storey

Albert Hall Museum:

Ultimate guide to Jaipur
The great Albert hall museum built by Samuel Swinton Jacob
Ultimate guide to Jaipur
Heads are held high while seeing this wonderful Albert hall

City Palace:

Jaipur point of interest
City Palace view from the Hawa Mandir (top point)
Jaipur travel place
Exceptional Diwan-E-Khas

Amer fort:

Amer fort
Maota Lake at the entrance of Amer fort
Don’t miss to see the Photographic blog of Amer Fort

Jaigarh fort:

charming jaipur
Jaivana – The world’s largest cannon
charming Jaipur
Red walls of eternal Jaigarh fort

Nahargarh fort:

jaipur point of interest
Exceptional view of Nahargarh fort from Vichitra Mandir (3rd storey)
charming jaipur
Mesmerizing top view of Madhavendra Palace

Jal Mahal:

charming Jaipur
Stunning view of Jal Mahal

Birla Mandir:

The eternal Birla Mandir, Jaipur

To know more about Jaipur, Don’t miss to visit:

Shopping at Jaipur:

Beside the tourist place, Jaipur is known for many more things. Out of these things, shopping is the most fantastic thing. For every shopaholic, there is always an option to buy endless things here at Jaipur. Therefore, Jaipur is considered to be favorite shopping destination, a remarkable shopping destination. Above all, the interesting thing is; for specific things, there are different markets….seriously a whole different market. That’s why I’m here with a list of market for specific product…

  • Jewelry market: Johari Bazaar → Largest market to buy jewelry, precious stones.
  • Books market: Chauda Rasta → Any book whether school/graduation/post graduation/competitive exams
  • Textile and Bangle market: Tripolia Bazaar → Embroidery textile, dying fabric and bandani market.
  • Marble sculpture market: Chandpole Bazaar → Handicrafts, handlooms and marble carvings are best here.
  • Shoes and royal Rajasthani jooties market: Nehru Market → Vibrant multi-color designed jooties.
  • Everything about Rajasthan and Jaipur market: Bapu Bazzar → Best quality textile products.
  • Expensive and quality products: MI Road → Wooden products, silver, jewelry market.

Jaipur travel tips:

  • If you are traveling to Jaipur in winter, do bring woolen clothes with you and get ready for some cool breeze. Jaipur is indeed a very cold place in winters.
  • In summer, Jaipur being one of the hottest destination of Rajasthan, hence carry thin, flexible and relieving clothes.
  • I would suggest to carry a bag which can have a lots of water bottles and juices to escape the heat and dehydration.
  • Carry face cover and cap, else you’ll get heat stroke.
  • One of the most important tip is, if you are a student please carry your student id while traveling, it will make your travel a lot cheaper.
  • Normally in peak season the hotel rates are at hike and may cost you higher. So make a pre-booking atleast a month before.
  • You have to be careful while choosing a right guide because official govt. guides are cheaper whereas others are expensive. Audio guides are also an option available.
  • During winters Jaipur experiences a lots of fog and hence till 10:00 AM visibility remain very less. So plan your trip accordingly, meaning have a margin in your vacation.
  • If you want to eat Rajasthani food, MI road, Chauda rasta, Badi chaupad and Link road will suits you best. Also, Jal Mahal offers a lots of glittering shops and food stall by its side.
  • There is abundance of hotels to stay and for every type of traveler like from luxurious to budget travelers there is place to stay.

How to reach:

Jaipur being one of the most happening city of Rajasthan, it is also well connected to every corner of India. It has a depth in transportation network like air, road and rail.

  • By air: Jaipur International airport or Sanganeer Airport is located at 8 km from the main city. It offers the most convenient way to travel to Jaipur. Both the international and domestic terminals are well connected with cities across India and also to various cities of the globe. Example: Cities like Sharjah, Dubai, London, Singapore etc offers major international flights.
  • By road: Jaipur is well connected with major cities across India through the network of NH-8, NH-11 and NH-12. Delhi-Jaipur national highway offers 260 km smooth road, hence it is well suited for self-drive. There’s also well connected bus service between major cities provided by Rajasthan roadways (RSRTC). Both AC and Non-AC bus services (Volvo as well) are available at very cheap rate between Jaipur and Delhi at about half-an-hour. So, if you are on budget travel, roadways serves you well. Sindhi Camp and Narayan Singh Circle are major bus stand at Jaipur.
  • By train: Jaipur has a great network of Indian Railways which connect Jaipur to various cities across India. There are three major railway station at Jaipur: Jaipur railway junction, Durgapura junction and Gandhinagar station. Few of the major cities which are connected are listed as: Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Kota, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jammu, Ludhiana, Haridwar, Bhopal, Kanpur, Bangalore, Varanasi, and many more.

Hence, its time to end the ultimate guide to Jaipur..

I know there’s a lot of things to share about Jaipur with my wonderful readers. These includes “what to eat?” “where to eat?” “Rajasthani food, Rajasthani item” “budgetary” “more entertainment options” and may be few more…

Soon, I will share that too. I just want to say one last thing; you have to invest complete 7-10 days in Jaipur to explore it completely. Till then follow me on facebook and instagram.

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