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Birthday Resolution 2017: Preparing travel resolutions

Every year we make resolutions like joining any fitness club, more traveling, quitting smoking and drinking and spending less time on internet. Every year we list down opportunity to learn something new, to start something fresh, and to remove fear and regrets from life. And finally, we put them together and come up with list like “15 travel resolutions on this new year”, “10 resolutions to inspire you this year” and “Things on my bucket-list for this year”. Yet one thing is more, these things are necessary for an avid traveler. In the similar way, I’ve made few plans and resolutions and bucket-listed most of the things together.

But you might be thinking why I’m writing it now, when half of the year is passed. Let me tell you why… I’m writing it because my birthday was on 22nd May and I wanted to get most out of it. Below are some of my travel resolutions that I’ve taken on my birthday and also these are achievable and we all can do it.

So just follow me through this post…

Light backpacking: Drop your bags

Light Backpacking is something I try to reduce every year. Particularly, it happens with me on almost every trip. I don’t know why or how, I took 1-2 extra unnecessary pair of shirts and jeans with me. More-over, I used to carry a big size toiletry items and many more things. At times my backpack becomes a luggage and it becomes quite difficult to carry. By the way I have started using a toiletry kit bag and really it is helping me a lot in reducing the weight of my backpack. Also, I’ve started buying really high quality product. Therefore, I have decided to stick to the basic amenities and eliminate unnecessary items.

Travel resolution
Me with my backpack and luggage

It’s time to travel solo:

Though for many of us traveling sounds to spend leisure time with family and to have some gap from the hustle-bustle life. But sometimes I think traveling solo is much better if you want to explore your capabilities and remove fear from you. Solo traveling is a life changing experience, solo traveling makes planning more easier and the most important is to spend quality time with yourself. You’ll make new friends, you’ll better understand their culture and may be you’ll learn a new language. With these few things about solo traveling, the experience we gain is a lot more meaningful and confident then may be in a leisure family travel.

I’m enjoying the beauty of historic Elephanta Caves

However, for me it is quite difficult right now to go on world tour as I’m still a student. That’s why I’ll be sharing a lot on Indian destinations. Do If you would like to share something on this resolution please do it in comments section….

I have to plan a trip for family reunion:

I know I’ve been talking a lot about solo traveling, but seriously one family reunion trip is what I need right now. It’s been a long time we haven’t done any get-together or traveled. In-fact, every moment that we spend with our family is the best one and to bring them more close, traveling is the best open. Hitting the roads with family whether on a luxurious trip or any short weekend excursions are best suited. As my family is more towards nature and wonders of the world hence I have search such destinations. Don’t have a particular destination in mind? Please help me out of this.

Always appreciate nature:

Ask yourself, what’s your style? How do you look at the nature? How can you appreciate nature? I really have to find the answer of such questions. The answer that I’ll get will actually describes about me and will tell me who I’m and what I’m looking for.

Reflection of icy mountains on Tsomgo Lake

Whether it is magnificent snow clad valleys and mountains of Himalayas or the exotic and supreme beaches of Kerala and Goa, I always look forward to appreciate nature. I appreciate nature for it’s beauty, it’s furry and it’s adventure. Snapping pictures of nature and experiencing the natural wonders very close should go hand in hand. This is what I have inculcate in me, more and more.

View of one end of Kovalam from top of the lighthouse
Also visit the following links: Amazing things to do in Sikkim and Welcome to Kerala.

How do you appreciate nature??? Sharing your thinking too….

Experience more over just seeing:

I have gone through few quotes from which this one is the most valuable for me this year; “See less, experience more”. Slowing down your travel, getting more indulge with locals, seeing every corner of the city or country is what will give you the real pleasure of life. You will not only have photographs but also the moments, the feelings that you have gain from others. Also as my name suggests “Roadaviator“, walking, roaming around in the city, offbeat destination etc is must for me.

Changing travel style is the most important for travel blogger.

I always love to click photos of monkeys: they are amazing
Great view of valley from my hotel’s room

Taking better photographs:

I’ve been traveling for last few years and taking snap of almost every moment. But one thing I’ve never thought of considering before and that is about the camera setting to show the best moment. That’s why I have purchased my own Nikon DSLR D3300 last month and I’ve been learning a lot about photography.

Amer fort
Eternal view of fort while stepping up to Amer fort

Also, this year I’ve taken a resolution to prepare a better portfolio. I know dedication and devotion with my Nikon will take me from amateur to professional photographer. Actually currently I have following cameras..

The view of temple in the middle of the fort – Blackberry z3 photography

Moving away from electronics:

Smart phones, cameras, laptop, wire all around , maps all the technologies are highly additive. We cannot live without it now-a-days. So I have taken a resolution to un-wire me from these products during trips. By the way I cannot stay away from my camera at all, hence it is excluded from this list. Hence, this point is most important I guess for travel resolution.

Furthermore, offbeat destinations are best known for their no network zone. This lack of signals will make you feel freer and liberated and will keep you away from those frequencies. No emails to reply or delete, no phone calls and no social media means no distractions. It will be nature and me only. I really pray to God for this thing.

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Tasting totally different cuisines and street foods:

As a foodie, I have a small tummy. Therefore, my “stomach maange (wants) more and more” of tasty food. So, the best way to taste different food is to travel more. The more I travel, more different cultures will came in my way and more street food and different cuisine. This is what I have bucket-listed.

Enjoying Pav Bhaji with lots of Vada Pav
I’m enjoying a delightful evening with barf ka gola
Sea food- Fish Tacos. Image taken from Paleoleap

I’ll be wandering more on street and local restaurant in search of local food.

Doing more Eco-friendly travel and campaign:

We travel destinations, meet people, eat quality local food etc.etc.. But we never think about our earth or country. For example, we travel by buses, vehicles, trains all the time which causes problem to environment. We stay in luxury hotels and eat in luxury restaurants, but all these somewhere or the other effect environment. More-over during trekking and hiking  we most of the time uses plastics and other non bio-degradable material which effects nature.

So, I’ve decided to take resolution of more of walking or bicycling and taking part in campaigns that works for saving nature. There are various volunteering programs in India which works on encouraging people to save nature or save planet. May be I too get a chance to work with them.

All the above travel resolutions really matters for me or all of us I guess, to work on!!

I’m on my way to implement these things in my routine or in my travel and make my life more meaningful.

So take your pick and make 2017-18 (if your year starts from May 2017) your best year of travel. If you have some more things to sharing with me just comment below… I love comments on my blog…

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