Bhangarh: The Indian Ghost Town

Rajasthan is often known as the land of unexplored mysteries. For centuries, it has being able to engage travelers and photographers around the world by the mystic diversity. On one hand, the Thar desert is the Rajasthan’s hot grace, while Aravali hills on the other hand is refreshment to it. Moreover, whenever you visit royal forts and gardens of Rajasthan, you will feel rich vivid culture of Rajasthan. But do you know, behind all these things there are places in Rajasthan which will thrills you and creeps you out of your comfort zone?

It is the horror, terror, ghostsss… 

We enjoy listening ghost stories around the camp fire and we love watching horror movies that spooks us out. Probably, we also love to visit artificial haunted houses at malls or wonderlands. In the similar manner, it is also true that, there are such places exist, where you may encountered a real ghost. For these reasons, countries are trying to convert them into tourist places but under certain conditions/instructions. Furthermore, government officials put sign boards saying “enter at your own risk” or “not allowed to enter” to thrill you.

Yes!!! I agree, there are many places around the globe which are abandoned and declared as ghosts. Consequently, even India is too famous for such ghostly places. In India, you just talk of old forts, spirits, death… every Indian now-a-days have something to share, something to tell about these horrors. Ironically, it is in our culture, that we connects the spirits/horror either through our rituals or something else. In-fact, I’ll say, we live with the ghosts.

Also, in the last decade, the media and televisions are focusing on such places where you may encounter ghost; trying to spread tourism. Today I’m going to show you one such haunted place of Rajasthan.

I think many of us might know about the place (thanks to social media and TV); I’m talking about…

Just trying to create suspense about the place…

Bhangarh: The Indian Ghost Town

I believe, most of the Indians know about Bhangarh. But very few of us had the courage to actually visit it. It seems like, the presence of bone-chilling, spooky, spine tingling terror attached with it stops us from visiting it. In the similar way, I was also quite scared of visiting it during my childhood. But finally, few months back, I had planned a short road-trip to Bhangarh with my uncle. And now, I’m presenting it to you…so steel your nerves and follow me.

Read about the Ancient Site – Bhangarh by Archaeological Survey of India


Bhangarh – The Indian ghost town, is one of the most scariest place in Rajasthan or I’ll say in India. It is also the most abandoned and ruined place in India. Bhangarh fort is present in Bhangarh, Rajasthan between Alwar and Jaipur. I’m sure many of us have heard about the presence of supernatural powers and believes that ghosts live there. Even Indian archaeological department, researches and documentaries  have declared it as The Indian ghost town“. Probably that’s why you are not allowed to visit after 6:00 PM.

Entrance gate to Bhangarh Fort

Let’s unleashed the mystery behind it….

History of Bhangarh or myths:

The city Bhangarh was built by King Bhagwan Das. The king has two sons – Man Singh and Madho Singh. Madho Singh was crowned as king in 1613. He always wanted to built a fort. For this purpose, he got approval from Guru Balu Nath, an ascetic who used to meditate there. The Guru said, “the moment the shadow of your fort touches me, the city will get completely ruined”. But as soon as the fort was made; the height of the fort reached so high, that it shadowed the Guru Balu Nath. Therefore, with the wrath of Guru, the whole Bhangarh was ruined.

Other myth that revolves around Bhangarh ruin:

There was a princess Ratnavati, whose beauty has no match in the whole Rajasthan. In the same kingdom, there lived a Tantrik (magician) named – Singhia, who was completely attracted towards the princess. He knew that there is no match between the princess and himself. But with the spell bound beauty of princess, he finally decided to do black magic on her and take her away. However, one day, he found the way of doing black magic on the oil that princess uses, but he caught red-handed by the princess herself. She thrown the oil on the ground, turning the magic against the Singhia. As soon as the oil reaches Singhai and cursed him. While dying, Singhia cursed the Bhangarh to death. In the coming year, Ajabgarh fought with Bhangarh and finally princess Ratnavati died and the whole Bhangarh was destroyed.

I don’t know which one should be believed and which one not. But it seems like, the princess Ratnavati story is more true.

Coming back to my trip:

We had taken the route – Jaipur to Bhangarh via Dausa. Reaching to Bhangarh was definitely a thrilling adventure and since we were traveling in our car, the trip had became even more spectacular. As I got closer to Bhangarh, the place became even more barren. I reached to Bhangarh fort at around 1:00 PM; the whole place is under the control of police. I bought two tickets worth Rs. 25/- each. The police warned us to come back before 6:00 PM. This was turning out to be more thrilling…..

As soon as you get inside the fort, you’ll see the Hanuman temple. According to me, this temple is rightly established, so that no ghost come in your travel. I was feeling quite holy and divine by this…. “Bhoot Pret nikat nahi aave Mahaveer jab naam sunave” (Hanuman Chalisa)…

Bhangarh fort
Hanuman Temple as you enter into the Bhangarh fort

I roam around the ruined market and saw every corner of it. Then there is shiv temple inside it, which is too good to visit. Strangely, the presence of temples will make you feel more of a holy and you’ll forget about the ghosts around you. You could only capture them in the photographs if you are lucky… just kidding haha….

The great shrine temple inside the Bhangarh
The view of temple in the middle of the fort

I walk around gardens, towers, sheds, exploring the every ruins of fort and its side. Clicked photographs and understood that the tranquil temple turns into the ghost assembly after dusk. We hurried up as it was about to get dark and pass 6:00 PM.

Have a look at the photos…..

I found that only few stones are left in the Bhangarh market
Path to ruined market and shops…
Greenery around the Bhangarh Fort
Here I am, at the top of Fort
I’ve clicked this 4 times and I got this… may be something went through
Garden area at Bhangarh Fort
View of whole Bhangarh from the fort

Locals around Bhangarh had to say something:

They have heard a lot of noises more often during night, like women crying, screaming. Strange music, strange scent, sensations, shadows and many more things are experienced by the people living around there. It seems like someone is following them. Therefore, due to all these activities, the doors are closed by police after 6:00 PM.

Even if the people have gone through such experiences, there are lot many of us who have satyed whole night in that fort and experienced nothing unusual. But the number is also same for those who have actually seen something or heard. Now it totally depends on you… What do you think….

How to reach:

There are many ways to reach Bhangarh. Have a look at those and plan your weekend accordingly…

  • By road: From Delhi, Bhangarh is at about 270 km on the Delh-Jaipur highway (when reach Alwar take NH148 and then NH55 to the Bhangarh fort). The route is like Delhi-Alwar-Akbarpur-Thanagazi-Ajabgarh-Bhangarh fort. If you are at Jaipur, it is at about 90 km. Jaipur-Dausa-Bhangarh
  • By train: The nearest station is Bandikui railway station which is 28 km from Bhangarh fort. Dausa is also an available option. There are many trains from Alwar, Jaipur, Delhi which will lead you to Bandikui. Hire a taxi/Bus to Bhangarh.
  • By airport: Nearest commercial airport is in Jaipur. Book a flight from Bangalore/Delhi or any other city to Jaipur international airport.

You cannot stay at Bhangarh at night. It is only open between 6:00AM to 6:00PM. Find the nearest hotels at Dausa, Bandikui or at Jaipur. Book your hotels through Roadaviator Hotels

Interesting note:

All the photographs are clicked by my BlackBerry Z3 mobile phone..

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