Pahalgam: Delightful valleys and glaciers

The way my Kashmir trip was started; I knew it was going to be one of the most delightful trip. During my excursion, Kashmir has really shown me some genuine treasure and pleasure. It’s majestic peaks, refreshing gorgeous valleys are worth-watching. Seriously, it’s natural beauty was so fascinating and mesmerizing that it made me to express Kashmir as:

We travel some places, we explore some places, we pilgrim some places and we jaunt trips. But Kashmir is felt, Kashmir is endured.

Just think of supremacy of gushing Jhelum and Sindh, or think of how you stroll on thick layer of snowflakes all over the great Himalaya. These experiences, you grasp in Kashmir excursion will get tattooed permanently. Similarly, the momentous phase of Sonmarg is tattooed on my mind and in my soul.

I couldn’t resist such a sight of grandeur landscape, ultimately it has become impossible for me to unfasten it’s memoirs.

I’ll say, I had a crush on Sonmarg!! So let’s start with Pahalgam to find out if it is my crush or love?


Pahalgam is one the best hill station of Kashmir when it comes to spending time with loved ones, to explore the virgin nature as a traveler and photograph it as a photographer. Pahagam is not just a hill station; it is much more than that. You can camp/pinic at Betaab Valley, watch the power of Lidder river, walk around and shop at the great Aru valley, hike the mesmerizing glacial beauty of chandanwari at Pahalgam.

Call it the urge to explore the pleasing valleys or simply an excursion to Pahalgam to get away from fast pace life. But I know the ecstasy that I felt here was so unmatched that it doesn’t require too much, just plan and visit it.

Flashback – I returned to the Dal Lake from Sonmarg and spent a night in houseboat. In the morning at around 8:00 AM I was off from Dal Lake to visit Pahalgam and decided to stay there for 2 days.

In fact, while planning for Pahalgam, I got to know that there is some intimacy between kashmir and Bollywood, as it is home for many Bollywood movies.

  • Aru valley: Highway movie was shot.
  • betaab valley: famous Betaab movie (on which this valley got its name), Kashmir ki kali, rockstar, haider and many more movies are shot.

In other words, Kashmir allures every Bollywood director and film maker, to write some of the most exciting and creative scenes.

So, without relaxing much time at Dal Lake, we started our journey. We hired a mini bus for Pahalgam and while traveling, Kashmiri songs were caroling in the bus, giving us feel of buzzing Kashmir. That’s why, my trip to Pahalgam remains in my head forever.

Have a look:

Aru Valley:

Mesmerizing way to Aru Valley
Pony/horse keeper are waiting for tourist to offer ride
either hike or hire a pony to Aru valley
Pony rates for Aru Valleya and near by
Liddar river
mesmerizing view of Aru valley
shepherd and sheeps on the way back from Aru valley

Betaab Valley

famous Hut at Betaab valley, where bollywood movie Betaab was shot
Lidder river flowing by the side of Betaab valley
The great Amarnath mountain view from Betaab


Welcome to Chandanwari

Sometimes, the presence of large number of tourists is regrettable. Just see how dirty the glacier is..

Tourists enjoying sledging and many more activities on glacier
Chandwanwari: Glacier view at different angle

Above all, do you have courage to dip in this glacial water!!

It is the gushing Glacial water that makes Chandanwari more attractive
Long route to Amarnath cave starts at Chandanwari: Happy Yatra

Well now after being blessed with the presence of honourable beauty of Pahalgam, we stayed at one of the Pahalgam’s one of the best guest house. Instead of fans, there was heater in our small room; instead of a thin blanket, there was a hot quilt to muffle in -5*C. Have a look at our guest house:

This is my hotel at Pahalgam
Great view of valley from my hotel’s room
These are the men who take care of Kashmir and make us feel safe

“Have a nice night! Good night!” I said to my brother.. “we had to plan a nice Gulmarg trip next morning.”

That’s it, I know there are many more activities that can be done in Pahalgam but due to tight schedule, I couldn’t make out.. I’ll be visiting soon Pahalgam once again this year (2017).. Till then stay tune with me for my Gulmarg experience…

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  1. Jessica F. Walker || Millennial Life Skills Coach

    What a great trip. The pictures are beautiful. I hope i make it out there some time in my life.


    1. prateekgoel

      Surely you will make it happen! I guess it will be your one of the greatest travel experience of life. Thanks Jessica!


  2. Ravi

    Good pictures. the place looks serene and peaceful.Looks pretty cold as well.


  3. No Bland Makeup

    The views are amazing! You are an amazing photographer to be able to capture the beauty this way.


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank you very much No Bland Makeup!! Your comment had made my day…


  4. animeshbordoloi

    Iv’e heard too much about Pahalgam and I’m very keen to go there someday. Really nice pictures, and an informative post. I’ll surely come back here when I make plans. Thanks for posting. Have a great day!


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks a lot for the comment Animesh Bordoloi! I always feels happy when someone likes my blog! I’ll always tries to engage you. Thanks for liking my photographs.


  5. The Krazy Butterfly

    Pretty nice pictures, and a great post with nice info 🙂 Thanks for sharing


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank you very much Krazy Butterfly!! Nice to hear, you like the post and pictures.


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  7. Oshonic sharma

    Prateek goel….
    Great pics and amazing literature boss…!!


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks a lot Oshonic Sharma!!


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