Traveler’s Ultimate Backpack List and Clothing List

Have you ever thought what backpack you should carry? Have you ever wonder the best clothing you should carry in your backpack? In fact most of us feels little confused in relation with which clothing suits our upcoming travel location. Well, here is “the ultimate backpacking list and clothing list” which will eliminate all your packing confusions. Let me help you to pack effectively.

In this blog I’ll be talking about the best backpack that you can use and also my favorite travel backpack. In the same way I’ll be listing the best clothing that are flexible and can be worn in different climate. Therefore, every product listed below is essential for traveling.

Ultimate Backpack List

When traveling India or world, backpacking is the most important. You backpacking will be your best friend. In fact, backpacking can make your travel easy, but it could end in worst enemy if you’ve chosen it in a wrong.

I’ve been traveling destinations for almost 4 years and in my opinion, it totally depends on the type of backpack you use. Ironically I’ve used many of them and I’ve spent a lot of time in finding the best one. Therefore, in this blog I’m sharing my best backpack which I’ve used and I recommend to you too as well.

These are my favorite:

Travel Backpack:

Quechua Trekking Backpack

Actually this bag looks big, but not really too big to handle. It suits best for a week trip. You can keep 25 kg – 30 kg easily. There are lots of zippers and separate compartment for shoes. In addition there is straps for waist and chest, plus fold-able section for cloths. 
Da Tashe 50L Rucksack

It is quite cheaper then Quecha trekking backpack. It is 1 kg light bag which can handle It saves from tearing and can be placed over shoulder hence distributing weight of the bag. I’ve used it for a while. It is easy to carry. Also, it has rain cover also which is pretty cool.

Rolling Bags:

American Tourister Travel Duffle

It is fairly large and have a lot of space. You can put a lot of stuff inside it. With this you need no other bag to carry. It is tough and can handle a lot of pressure.
Safari Curv Luggage bag

In case, if I do a family trip or go for a 10-14 days trip like I’ve done in Kerala, I choose this bag. Because of its size and large volume handle ability, I like it very much. It suits me best to fit packing cubes in it and arrange every item so perfectly.

Medium Size Backpack

Quechua Hiking bag

Small, easy to handle and comforting product. Moreover, it is water resistant. That’s why I like the most. To know more about it click on the picture.
Cosmus 37L travel backpack

It is comfortable to carry laptops and electronics. It suits best for office trips, hiking and weekend short trips. I don’t have one but one of my friend is using it. So, I’ll recommend it.

Hand Bags

Cosmus cross body Sling bag

If you are on a luxury travel or on beach, It’s good to carry electronics gadgets, tickets and passport. To know more about this bag click on the picture.
Black Leather Traveling Waist Pouch

Ohh.. This is my favorite one. I’ve been using it for the last 4 years and still it suits me the most. Strangely, all my money, wallet, phone and camera batteries get in it. In any case I just loved it. Moreover, it helps me a lot during flight checking.

Best Travel Clothing List

Yes, it is true you can wear anything you want when you travel, depending on the climate and destination you are traveling. Still there is some clothing which is more flexible and adoptable than regular one. If you are traveling to different climates, it is quite difficult to carry all cloth. Hence, cloths should be such that can wear more than once.

In fact clothes should not smell after being worn on a hot day and also suits in cold and wet environment conditions. Below is the list of type of clothing which I’d love to recommend.

Weatherproof jackets

Romano Men’s snow and water resistance jacket

I had one and it is really an attractive one. It is also comfortable and has large pockets and keeps body away from cold. Suits best for Uttrakhand. Found in all sizes.
Windproof Hike Hooded Jacket

Light weighted, attractive and windproof jacket. It suits best for hiking, climbing, sporting and camping. For more info click on photograph.

Protective Travel Gloves

Romano Snow Proof gloves

These gloves protects your from snow during hiking and trekking mountains. I had bought a pair of these gloves last year and is really working great.
AlexVyan snow proof-riding gloves

These gloves had worked under extreme harsh conditions and even you can wear it while riding a motorcycle. Few of my travelers friends recommended these gloves.

Travel Shirts

Quechua Men Hiking outfit

I wear this most of the time. It is light weighted and suitable in all climate conditions.
Icebreaker Tshirts

It is costly but really works well for travelers. Smell resistance, water resistance and not much laundry required.

Travel Pants

Okane Track Pants

It is versatile, flexible and suits well during hiking and climbing. Place your content for the first column here.
Craghoppers Trousers

It is Quite costlier cargo pant but has multiple benefits. Most-noteworthy is that is has great moisture control, easy drying ability and smell proof.


Other than the track pants and trousers I usually carry a pair of regular jeans which are quite flexible and relaxed.

Travel socks

Ironically, I still cannot say about socks, which to use or not. I have tried many and the best one is listed below.

Nike Ankel Socks

I like these socks the most. First of all these are comfortable and can be wear at any place. Still you have to take care of smell.
Soft ribbed socks

I have a regular pair of these socks and I usually wear at my work place and also during travel. These perfectly fits our legs and not so much tight.


Travel Shorts

Aero craft cargo hiking shorts

These shorts are best to wear when hiking or traveling on road. These will keep you in trend. I have used them for an year. So these are reliable.
Men’s swim shorts

These swim shorts are comfortable and ideal for wearing on beaches. You can surf with them and swim with them. Furthermore, these shorts get dried quickly. That’s why I really recommend these shorts.

Travel underwear

Listed below undergarments suits best during hiking, sporting and climbing. The boxers I usually recommend during beach holidays. In fact I have one of those boxers.

Addidas sports and hiking underwear

Jockey Boxers

Travel shoes

Wildcraft trekking and hiking Shoes

These are comfortable, light weight in similar comparison and water resistance. When I was in himachal and Uttrakhand I’ve used similar shoes. So, I’d recommend them.
Quechua shoes for hiking

I think you should try this out. It is worth buying. These are really good for hiking and trekking. For info and review you can click on the picture shown.

Travel Flip Flops

UCB’s Flip Flop

These suits me my traveler friends the best when they are at beach. But actually these can be worn at house also and serves as multi purpose one.
Formal Flip Flop

I have these for about 3 years and really worked well even at formal meetings. you’ll remain in fashion during those meetings.


Therefore, these are few of the best travel clothing and backpacking that I’d recommend.

There are many other items like towels, scarfs, formal shirts (for meeting/party), other luggage backpacks (like the long one), snikkers and Sleeping eye cover etc..

No doubt these are the few accessories that serves Indian travelers the most. Among these, I’m using almost 75% of the items whereas other items are recommended by my traveler friends. Thanks for it! This is the ultimate backpack list.


Disclosure: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you. If you feels like you need them and decide to make a purchase, I’ll earn some commission. Please note, I’ve used various companies products and so came up with the best products at me or my travel friends had experienced. I recommend them because they are useful and make your travel easy, and not because of some commission. 

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