Exploring Lachung beyond our reach

Keeping all the worries and chaos of your fast pace life behind the bars, and lose yourself in the midst of cathedral high held Himalayan Mountains. This offers you a chance to experience a totally different India, and leave you with no choice but to think “how can God create such an unusual place”.

Such a place is Lachung – “small pass” remote picturesque village and a perfect serene for every nature lover. So keeping all the worries beside, I was off there to experience a remarkable journey, exploring Lachung.

The best way to experience the epic mountains, the waterfalls and the scariest roads is on the road trip.

Lachung is about 125 km away from capital Gangtok, 170 km from Pelling and at the elevation of about 9,600 ft. It is very close to the border of Tibet, so we had experienced the blend of both Tibetan culture and Sikkimese culture.

To go there, first of all I had to get “Inner Line permit” from Rangpo post or police post near Gangtok. Therefore I had shown my Photo ID proof, voter’s ID card, driving license etc to police or military.

Map showing the way to Lachung
Road map I followed for Exploring Lachung

While having this road trip, I noticed that this North-Sikkim region was one of the most unpredictable regions; the winding road to Lachung is highly prone to landslides; the road after Chungthang (see in the map) could get shut down anytime.

If you’re searching for an unforgettable adventure road trips with lots of bumps and bounces, then Lachung will not disappoint you.

When to explore Lachung

If you are traveling between October and February; first of all backpack yourself with all the considerations of experiencing heavy snowfall. Lachung usually get cut off from rest of the Sikkim. In addition to that backpack yourself with some extreme cold weather clothing like snow proof gloves Thermal sweat pants and Water Wind Snow Resistant Jacket especially for December and January. This is the most appropriate time for trekkers to go beyond their normal blood pressure and explore it.

During May to September, you will experience lush green all around the Lachung. But still the temperature remains between -5 deg C to 10 deg C giving you the feel of chill.

Morning view of impeccable mountain from my hotel

To go there, we hired a local taxi from Gangtok and 4 Brahmans friends from Orissa had joined us in this trip, as a result our journey became furthermore interesting. We shared our astonishing stories and experiences of Sikkim and our native places. It is always good to exchange our thoughts with fellow travelers. Lurking around every bend we had encountered some of the beautiful waterfalls.

View of Bhim Nala Waterfall near Lachung

It seems like Lachung is a vibrant and lovable village for both the locals and the tourist. While exploring Lachung there was a saying in my head, the sayings of British explorer Joseph Dalton Hooker i.e. “The most picturesque village of Sikkim” written in his amazing definitive, “The Himalayan Journal (1855)”.

Lachung impressed me so much that I didn’t want to leave it!

The morning in Lachung was very different from that of urban city’s morning. We reached Lachung at night and it was completely dark outside; we had our dinner in just few candles. The morning was completely a surprise – ice covered mountains outside my small hotel.

After really a long hunt, we finally found a family hotel. With the lot of excitement, I started asking questions about Lachung, its food and all. No restaurant at all but staying at local resident would provide you with all type of food.

If you are planning to visit this place, then just try some local cusine like momo with Sikkim tea, thupka with gundruk and macaroni soup.

This place is seriously a travel photographer’s paradise!

Driving Lachung will expose you in an absolutely packed beauty and diversity of famous apple orchards, Rhododendron and pine trees. Sparkling streams, spirituality of famous valley of flower i.e. Yumthang Valley, photography trip to Zero point and the snow capped mountains are the icing on the cake.

Picturesque view of Yumthang valley

The photographic journey to Yumthang brings home some of the most stunning and unspoiled scenery of India. Most noteworthy I found that mostly the roads were foggy – breath-taking photography sessions.

Photographed my brother in picturesque foggy ground
Photographed my brother in picturesque foggy ground
Sun rays falling on the foggy ground
Sun rays falling on the foggy ground
Breath-taking white guardian Himalaya behind the pine trees

This place will sneaks you out to think about an unimaginable aroma hidden in it. My favorite part of road trip was an impeccable drive way through the paradigm series of imposing snow capped peaks of soaring Himalayas huddled together. The presence of charming lush green Pine and Rhododendron trees are on one side and the river Teesta flowing is on the other side giving tribute to those who lost their life here in search of souls.

Holy monastery on other side of Teesta river
Holy monastery on other side of Teesta river
River Teesta giving tribute to lost lives
Rhododendron flowers in the valley
Rhododendron flowers in the valley
Rocky way from Yumthang to Yumesamdong
Snow capped mountain hiding behind the Rhododendron trees
Snow capped mountain hiding behind the Pine trees

Probably the dual looks of Yumthang Valley

Elevated at 3500m above sea level offers an unexploited heaven in all seasons. In summer, the valley shows the home for many Himalayan’s flowers especially the Rhododendron and Yaks grazing this field besides the river. This gives grazing pasture and tranquil air of Yumthang. In winter, this place is deserted and totally covered with powdery snow.

Rather I went there in April, so what I saw is almost a  different Yumthang, a foggy Yumthang.

Photo credit - Yumthang valley in summer
Photo credit – Yumthang valley in summer

Exploring beyond Yumthang valley – Zero point:

Beyond the flower valley, there is another nature personification, “Zero Point”. If you never been to this place, just plan your next trip to this place. Consequently it will remain at the top of my best travel list. Zero point also known as Yumesamdong at an altitude of 15748 ft. This is snow deserted place and a place for many nomadic shepherds.

First of all, Yumesamdong is the land of nirvana quiet mountains and in addition the fragrance of Ezilia plant is present all over its atmosphere. It always keeps you in search for this smell. Explaining the bliss of this place in few mere words is not possible.

You are at Zero Point - HT 4800m
You are at Zero Point – HT 4800m
white solid desert at Zero point
Tourists enjoying the slippery snowy white solid desert

I felt like I’ve been transported into an epic landscape.

View of winding roads to Zero point from my taxi
view of vehicle parking road
View of vehicles parking by the side of road

If you have motion sickness then definitely put some medicines with you. I was having a rugged journey to Zero point (Yumesamdong) from Yumthang valley that too in just bread-buttered breakfast. As a result as soon as my taxi stopped I headed towards some food stalls which were selling coffee, boiled eggs, omelets, bread and maggie. I should not talk about the food cost; it was almost doubled the price.

Talking with the shopkeepers, you finally realized “how hard it is for them to earn some money to make their living”. They had to wait for their supplies for 4-5 days.

Eggs could have helped me in keeping my body warm but the “-6 deg C” temperature had never allowed it to happen. In addition of the less oxygen level, the cool breeze was whistling around my mother’s face; tingling and stinging making her uneasy.

My mother is excitingly feeling the chill of (-6 deg C temp)
Friend from Orissa clicking the view of snow desert
Friend from Orissa clicking the view of snow desert
sun rays kissing the snow flaked mountain
sun rays kissing the snow flaked mountain
exploring lachung
food stalls by the side of mountian
picture perfect photo-shot of portrait
It’s the mum or the snow which made the picture perfect

We started to trek Gurudongmer Lake from Zero point but due to landslide happened on the way of  Lake, consequently  the check post had not allowed us to go beyond.

Picturesque view of taxi parking lot
Photo-shot of this picturesque background with my taxi
perfect white snow capped Mountain view
perfect white snow capped Mountain view while exploring lachung
exploring lachung
Surprised change of weather-blend of clouds and fog

At the same point, the change in atmosphere will show you the scenic view of huge snow-capped mountains covered in the midst of thick clouds. Ironically, my heart had pumped hard in every step taken here and probably felt the smell of Himalayan breeze. Our journey had experienced another unpredictable thing; stones rolling down in our way and we had to wait till our way was not cleared.

Rocks started rolling down on the bridge
after view of roadway cleared by local workers

Afterward, our driver cum guide, told us how magical and religious Lake is “Gurudongmar lake”. It is the lake is one of the highest lakes in the world, located at about 17,100 ft. It is named after Guru Nanak and the lake remain completely frozen for almost 8 months. Strangely, its water is supposed to have some magical properties. Due to extreme conditions (scarcity of oxygen) and difficulties to reach there, very less people reaches there in the whole span of year.

Above all such stories will excite you, scare you and many people had died there because of ignoring the conditions.

Photo credit - perfect view of Gurudongmar Lake
Photo credit – perfect view of Gurudongmar Lake

In fact, at that time fate must have looked upon and said “picture abhi baki hai mere dost” (the show is yet to go on), as we were completely unaware of the event which were about to happen – landslide at near Gurudongmar Lake and we missed it.

So where I took a bad bath of trip:

  • Due to the landslide, our path to Gurudongmar lake was blocked and we had to cancel the trip. This was so frustrated for me, as it was going to take few days to open as said by the army personal.
  • If you left Lachung early in the morning without having breakfast; you are going to suffer as there is no food stall in whole Yumthang Valley. You will directly get some food at Zero-point but that is not enough.
  • Rapid increase in footprints there in recent years as a result this place is degrading.

But at the end we all knows that tourism is the only source of revenue out there.

Finally a superb day was over. A complete package of breath-taking scenery and terrific experience. Probably exploring Lachung, Yumthang valley and Zero point trip had tested best my photographic skills. Consider reading ebook on Sikkim & Northeast India and Sikkim Handbook.

That’s it for now. Though I haven’t spent much time in exploring Lachung, but I would suggest you to made up your mind this winter to visit such a lovely place and pack yourself with woolen clothes.

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  1. Eloise

    wow! the Lake photo was beautiful! I love that you were able to experience this adventure, what great memories you’ll always have with this travel… love the story and photos : )


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank you very much for your valuable comment! By the way it is river Teesta!
      I also think that I’m lucky to experience such an adventure…


  2. Ana De-Jesus

    Lachung is beautiful, this is my first time hearing of it but I like how you explored somewhere that wouldn’t be characterized as a ‘tourist trap’ which I prefer. I would love to visit the tribute river x


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks for your comment Ana De-Jesus!! You should visit the river, the destination.. you’ll love this place guaranteed!!


  3. Marina Rosie

    Oh my lord, your photos are stunning! I need to get outdoors more because seeing remarkable things like this would be fabulous! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie x


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank you very much Marina!! You made my day with such a compliment!!


  4. Alice Nettleingham

    I love nature and I had fun reading your article. Keep posting!


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      Ohh, Thanks a lot Alice!! Your comment had made my day Alice.


  5. Joanna

    What stunning images I really looks like an amazing destination. I particularly love the look of the waterfall.


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank you very much Joanna!! Yes, I found it as the most breath-taking waterfall of Lachung. Thanks for the compliment!


  6. Shirley

    I love the photographs and place is beautiful too. Snow, flowers everything is so unique. I love it.


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank you very much Shirley!! Snowy destinations are my favorite.


  7. raisingyourpetsnaturally

    That’s a lovely location. I really like that waterfall. I want to visit a few dog-friendly places with waterfalls. Bucket list.


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks a lot! Yes you can visit this destination with your dog I guess (if allowed on plane – I don’t know much about it)!!


  8. Lauren Becker

    Thanks for sharing! These pictures are just gorgeous. I’ve never been to India, but this particular place looks absolutely beautiful.



    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks for your lovely comment Lauren!! Yes the site is too beautiful, infact the whole India is gorgeous.. You should plan your next trip to India.


  9. Diane Hoffmaster

    We are avid outdoors people but that looks like way more than we have ever experienced! Beautiful photos. I love the one of the lake…absolutely gorgeous!


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks a lot Diane!! I’m grateful to hear that. Seriously Lachung is amazing….


  10. Prassun Goel

    It must be my extreme good luck to have got a chance to see such a beautiful view!
    Amazing place to visit and your pics made me feel like going there now.
    I was just staring at the picture open-mouthed for so long!
    Excellent work


    1. prateekgoel

      Thank You so much Prassun Bhai!! I am go grateful to hear that!


  11. Jatin Manghnani

    Nice pics


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    Awesome man!! Keep us updated..
    Nice photography!!


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      Thanks brother!! I am obliged with your thoughts!! You should now plan to visit this place.


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      Thanks VJ. Love to see you again.


  16. Kaustubh Kalla

    Hai Prateek! Im a budding photographer and your pictures have really impressed me! Please tell me what techniques you use… Youve definitely sold Lachung to me.
    Eagerly awaiting your next post!


    1. prateekgoel

      Oh I am obliged by your thought. It’s always good to hear, my photography had impressed someone. I am also an aspiring photographer.
      In photography actually there are no fixed rules. Just take your time to think what you are going to shoot and from where you will shoot it. Your viewpoint makes the sense.
      i think this will help.


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