Sikkim: PG. scheduled travel in the shadow of Himalayas

Planning of visiting Tranquil Environment

It was just the beginning of hot time in my city few years back when I was wondering about a trip to a snowy adventure. That little seed of wondering grew up in me till I had finally done an extensive planning and got flight tickets in my hand. Yes I was heading into the snow capped mountains to feel the crunch of snow beneath my feet. I was heading for the pristine land which is known for its carpet of glistening snowflakes for a year long. Such a place always remains on the top of the list of travelers.


Yes, Sikkim was the land which was waiting for our arrival. Sooner and eagerly I was heading towards the land of world’s third highest mountain. The state whose variation in altitude allows it to have weather conditions like tropical or alpine. The average temperature remains about 15 deg C with regular showers, or experience of heavy snowfall in most of its parts.

Finally I was off there to explore some of the finest trekking mountains of Himalayas, to have a glimpse of waterfalls and to witness the splendid lake. We were going escape in the solitude of prayers of monasteries mixed with its myriad culture and have a taste of Tibetan food.

Sikkim - the land of hypnotic mountains
Sikkim – the land of hypnotic mountains
Chantings of “Om-Mani-Padme-Hum”


Sounds exciting NA!!!

Definitely! On our arrival to Sikkim, the welcome nature of the locals and hospitality of Sikkim made us fall in love for its every bit. As you can see in the image of Google maps of India, Sikkim is represented as a red marked place. So for the Indian local tourists, Sikkim is quite far distant place. But trust me I will consider it in the best places to spend holidays for adventurer, for tourists and for bloggers who want to escape their fast pace life of the city.

Indian map showing Red marked Sikkim
Indian map showing Red marked Sikkim

How to get there?

Yes Gangtok – capital of Sikkim is the center point to start traveling Sikkim. There is easy availability of various basic requirements of our travel like the permits that we require to visit places near china border and since the tourism is the main source of revenue of Sikkim so there are many shops working on providing better itinerary including the accommodation facilities, the food etc. Sikkim boast a sufficient means of local transportation to move around in the state. To get there, there is either the Standard way or the luxurious way which is not actually so luxurious but a royal way like journey via toy train. It totally depends on you. So I am sharing these ways to get there:

  1. Take a flight: No airport in Sikkim because of its mountainous terrain, but the nearest airport is in Bagdogra, West Bengal at about 125 km from Gangtok. The Bagdogra is well connected with airport of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. From there we can hire a taxi or private vehicle for Gangtok.
  2. Take a long ride via train: The nearest railway station to Gangtok is at about 148 km, Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. The station is well connected with major cities like New Delhi and Kolkata. From there we can get state-run bus or taxi to Gangtok.
  3. Toy train from Jalpaiguri: The most preferred way to get to Darjeeling from Jalpaiguri. One of the loveliest experiences that one can get. This train is also said to be Himalayan railway.
  4. By road or self drive: One of the most popular way of taking a driverless car on rent or hiring a taxi or state-run bus to visit Gangtok. We can park our rented car anywhere and enjoy the beauty of nearby places – Darjeeling, kalimpong etc.

Where to go in Sikkim?

As I was off there with my parents, we had decided to start our journey with Darjeeling, West Bengal as it was the near to the Gangtok. Where to go in Sikkim, what do one can do in Sikkim, etc are the FAQs that Gangtok can solve. You can rent a Taxi or share a jeep or take a selfdriven car or bike for hitch-hiking. It totally depends on what type of journey you want.

I suppose renting a car or a bike for self driving purpose or party can be little risky if you are not expert of driving on mountains (especially on icy mountains) then it is going to be a tough experience. So it is my advice to rent a taxi or share a jeep or toofan.

Our Sikkim itinerary map
Our Sikkim itinerary map

We had decided our itinerary like:

  • Darjeeling (West Bengal) sightseeing
  • Arrival at Gangtok
  • Traveling to Tsomgo lake
  • Back to Gangtok and sightseeing
  • Namchi for monasteries
  • Pelling
  • Back to Gangtok
  • Headed to Lachung
  • Yumthang valley
  • Zero point in Yumesamdong

Our itinerary was of 10 days, so I’m going to share my whole experience of Sikkim in upcoming few blogs related to amazing places of Sikkim that will fill you with adrenaline dying experience of adventure, sightseeing, waterfalls, hiking and delicious food.

I will be sharing my experience of Sikkim quickly. You can follow along

Sooner or later I will also share an ultimate travel guide (tips, cost, food, itineraries, activities) to Sikkim with you in my upcoming travel guide page.

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  1. raj rajendra

    it was good to know about Sikkim. want to know much more about it.
    good luck and best wishes for coming blog.


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks a lot for your best wishes. Follow me, I am going to share more on sikkim so have patience and keep updated with me.


  2. Kaustubh

    Thank you sir… I was planning to visit Sikkim soon and couldnt find a blog guiding me through the entire journey… Your blog is very helpful…
    Please could you also give some information about Lachung!!!!


    1. prateekgoel

      Kaustubh sir…thanks a lot for compliment. Lachung was included in my itinerary list so wait for the surprises my dear.


    2. prateekgoel

      Kaustubh Sir, now you can check my new blog on Lachung take a look and plan your trip.


  3. oshonic S

    wow….!! this feels exciting to read….it feels I m going to plan next trip to Sikkim. Lost in your blog.
    all the best PG…..


    1. prateekgoel

      OH! Thanks a lot, Oshonic!

      Ya you should plan your next trip to Sikkim. There is so much to see and explore. You will enjoy it.


  4. VJ

    Nice thing and Its very helpful and useful for all of us for travelling.


  5. AM

    Thankewww Sir,
    i is very helpful for planning the root…can you please tell us that how much we have to spent day at particular place.

    Thanks i is very very good….Love it..:)


    1. prateekgoel

      Thanks a lot Atul Mantri Sir
      It totally depends on you how much time do you want to devote at a particular place. But I would suggest you to spend 2 days in Gangtok; roam around the city, taste some local food and enjoy the local sights that to in less budget. I hope this will help you.


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